How to customise your iPhone's home screen with iOS14 and Widgetsmith

How to customise your iPhone's home screen with iOS14 and Widgetsmith

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Text: Crystal Lim

Image: @widgetsmith_ideas_,

Apple's iOS14 is undeniably the most important update we had in a while, and it isn't because of the new emojis. Yes, those who know will know — something to do with owning and flaunting a home screen of your very own. One that goes beyond merely changing your wallpaper.

Every individual icon and widget can now be customised to a theme of your choice, which also allows the freedom of creating a bigger display for apps that are important to you. Say, projecting a minature version of your calendar, just so you won't ever have to check it only after a few taps. A disclaimer? You need time, and possibly quite a bit of guidance. Hence, we break it down for you below:

1. Download Widgetsmith on the Apple Store

There are a slew of other applications available out there to customise iOS14's widgets but we found Widgetsmith the most popular one — and by far, the easiest one to navigate.

2. Choose between Small, Medium and Large widget

Open the Widgetsmith app and choose the widget sizes for specific features you want to feature your display screen. For reference, the small square widget is the size of four apps, the medium widget is the same size as eight apps and the large widget takes up 16 apps spaces. Some math required here.

3. Rename your widgets

Select your widget size by clicking on the image icon and rename it accordingly for easy reference such as time, date, weather etc.

4. Customise your widgets

The fun truly starts from here on. Select the style, font, tint colour, border and background colours of your choice, hit save and repeat as many times for the other applications you want to customise. Note: You may even download additional apps for better choices like Colour Widget. This allows you to pick the colour, shape, and transparency of each widget.

5. Add your customised widgets to your iPhone display

Hold and press on your wallpaper or an app icon, click on the + icon in the top left corner of your iPhone display to open the widget menu. Select the widget you have made in the Widgetsmith app and click done on the top right corner of the screen. Hold and press on the new widget, hit edit widget and select the specific widget to display on your mobile background.


6. Customise your iPhone app icons

Now that you have all your widgets lined up to your liking, it's time to customise the application icons to complete the overall look, before replacing all your icons to suit your ideal theme.

Pro tip: Search on Pinterest for a vast selection of designs and download your picks into your photo album.

7. Customise your icons using the Apple shortcuts

  • Open "Shortcuts" on your iPhone
  • Click the plus '+' sign at the top right of your screen
  • Search for apps and action and click "open app" from the action menu
  • Choose the app that you want to customise and hit the ellipses '...' sign.
  • Click 'Add to Home Screen' and type in the name of the app and select the icon to change the image
  • Select 'Choose Photo' and choose your desired photo from your
  • Hit choose once you've cropped it to a square and click "Add" and there you have it, a customised icon for your mobile.

Repeat as many times for the rest of the apps on your mobile for an overall consistent look and change up the theme and styles when you feel like it. What you really need? Patience and quite a bit of time. We suggest taking a whole day off.

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