GoPro Hero 6: The action camera to bag for your future adventures

GoPro Hero 6: The action camera to bag for your future adventures


Text: Janice Sim

Capture the best of your travels with this little fellow

Calling all adventure seekers, it's time to see the world with a nifty new travel companion. No, we don't mean swapping out your life partner but treating yourself to a new camera. Whether it be conquering the ski slopes, scaling mountains, or sky-diving, GoPro's latest successor to the Hero series — the GoPro Hero 6 — proves to be the perfect handy camera to document all of life's exciting highlights.

While its design doesn't stray too far away from its predecessor, the Hero 6 encompasses a slew of impressive features that are even new to fans of the brand (i.e. yours truly). For starters, we were thoroughly blown away by its resolution and frame rate jumps — this little fellow captures 4k at 60 frames and 2.7k at 120 frames. Read: No more blurry shots of your water activities.

GoPro Hero 6

Its custom-made GP1 chip also allows the camera to reach a wider dynamic range and to improve low-light performance. In for a bumpy ride? Fret not, the Hero 6 boasts a digital image stabilisation feature that can capture sharper frames on your next hilly escapade.

GoPro Hero 6

Did we mention it's social media friendly? You can instantly transfer the best highlights from your latest dive to your smartphone with a neat app called Quikstories. All you need is Wi-Fi.

It's safe to say that we might have just found our first investment piece for the year. 

The GoPro Hero 6 is now available online and at all selected retailers.