Google's top trending searches in Singapore for 2018

Google's top trending searches in Singapore for 2018

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Text: Corinne Cheah

Google is quintessential to our everyday lives — so much so that it has transformed from being a noun to a verb for many of us. From the most mundane topics to breaking world news, the all-knowing platform has been our best friend whom we can rely on for information, gossip, and advice. We bring you Google's reveal of the top trending searches for 2018 in Singapore. 

What happened around the world....  

No. 1: World Cup 

World Cup 2018 was filled with many memorable moments: the dashing Mbappe became the first teenager since Pele to score in the World Cup final, Neymar from Brazil who spent a whooping 14 minutes rolling on the ground, and underdog Croatia who touched the hearts of many with their perseverance and climb up to the runner-up position. 

No. 2: Trump-Kim Summit

The first-ever meeting between the two leaders held in Singapore was greeted with quite a bit of hoo-ha — locally and internationally. This undeniably also shone the spotlight on our sunny island; even with the recent saga of Ms Universe Singapore parading in a dress inspired by the summit. 

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No. 3: Najib Razak 

Ex-Prime Minister Najib has been under the watchful eyes of not just Malaysian authorities but from netizens around the world. Like nosy aunties, we were all interested in his alleged 1MDB audit tampering. To make matters worse, his wife, Rosmah also had a role to play in the 1MDB scandal when jewellery, cash and luxury purses valued at US$273 million were seized from their properties. #Spillthetea. 

Viral news...

No. 1: Yanny/Laurel

Remember the visual test on whether the dress is either gold and white or blue and black? Say hello to the audio test that threatened to tear the internet apart with whether one hears "Yanny", "Laurel" or both. 

No. 2: Ksi v.s. Logan Paul

Like two children in a fighting ring, the boxing match saw the two notorious YouTubers fight out in a flawlessly executed dramatized match. The match ended with a mix of blatant commercialism as KSI announced the launch of his own clothing line and infliction of real pain — all in the name of entertainment.  Logan

No. 3: Did Thanos kill me?

The ending of Avengers: Infinity War left all of us wondering if we would be one of Thanos' victims or one of the lucky survivors. Luckily, we were able to find out just by clicking this URL DidThanosKill.Me. Thank you Internet. 

No. 4: Kiki challenge

Arguably the most dangerous dance challenge of 2018, the kiki challenge aka do the shiggy dance involves dancing along a moving car while imitating the lyrics. The dance moves have taken on a new level with pilot Alejandra Manriquez dancing out of a plane. Drake, we hope you're happy. 

No. 5: Baby Shark

Possibly the next Gangnam Style, Korean hit children song Baby Shark has gained popularity with not just children but adults alike with its catchy lyrics and fun dance moves. Do you doo? 

Welcome to the life of adulting.... 

No. 1: How to file income tax

Let's be real — this is a practical question that all young adults need to know. No more evading taxes because we were too young and earning below the financial bracket with our part-time jobs. What school doesn't teach you, Google definitely can.   

No. 2: How to get pregnant

Contrary to popular opinion, having sex doesn't mean you will get pregnant. 

No. 3: How to get rid of ants

Adulting is hard as it is, so we will appreciate all the help we can get — even with things as small as ants. 

Check out Facebook's end-of-year review here. 

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