Google Pixel 4, Nest Mini, and Nest Wifi: Key features and availability from 2019’s line-up of gadgets and hardware

Google Pixel 4, Nest Mini, and Nest Wifi: Key features and availability from 2019’s line-up of gadgets and hardware

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Text: Janice Sim

There are good things that come to those who wait. And while that sentiment applies to most things in life, it is befitting for this very moment — the time of the year when Google decides to unleash the world with its new suite of products. No prizes for guessing, a successor for Pixel 3, the Pixel 4, a Nest Mini (following Google Mini), and a new hybrid, the Nest Wifi. For those who have not snagged their choice of smartphone of the year, whether it be the iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy Fold, you've just earned yourself another viable option. Works for us anyway — these gadgets are just in time for Christmas.

Google Pixel 4

We dub this the most significant upgrade to the Pixel, in its fourth version of the smartphone. And while previous Pixels demonstrated impressive AI capabilities, Pixel 4 carries all that, and takes it up a notch. Starting with its camera, it's now furnished with two cameras, including a telephoto lens. But that's not why it's groundbreaking. It's now conditioned to capture the night sky in this version's Night Sight. That means stars, gradient of the sky, and even the Milky Way. Another With Pixel 4, you can fine-tune the brightness and amount of detail in the shadows, helping with difficult shots like sunset portraits. For back-lit portrait shots in the presence of a mesmerising sunset, its dual exposure levels enable you to adjust between the brightness and the amount of detail in the foreground and the background. That means stellar shots where you can achieve the right amount of focus on the subject's face as well as the amber beam at the back.

Google Pixel 4

Apart from the camera, the Pixel 4 is equipped with a special sensor that detects motion — a simple wave (without the need to touch your screen) can change a track on Spotify or snooze your morning alarm for another 10 minutes. As for its sensitivity and usability, that's still something left up to debate. Alongside a new, more powerful version of Google Assistant that has yet to be launched. Stay tuned for our full review on the smartphone. But before that, a shoutout to the device's limited-edition hue, 'Oh-So Orange'.

The Pixel 4 starts at $1,119 while the Pixel 4XL starts at $1,319. Pre-order them here, as well at Challenger and Courts. The phones will officially be available in stores from 24 October at Starhub, Courts, Challenger, and the Google Store.

Nest Mini

It's hard to notice a visible difference as the Nest Mini is made to look almost identical to the Google Mini. What it does have is a partially sustainable design — with a fabric top made from 100% recycled water bottles. There's also the option to mount it on your wall if you are lacking in countertop space. Featuring a stronger bass that's two times the size of the Google Mini, the Nest Mini bears a richer and more surround sound (despite how small it is). There's also a dedicated machine learning chip for the device to learn and adapt faster to your commands and your lifestyle habits. That includes adjusting the sound in accordance to the background noise. For instance, if you're trying to listen to Shawn Mendes serenade amidst the chaos of construction work going on, Nest Mini will cleverly and kindly turn up the volume.

Google Nest Mini

Nest Mini will be available at $79 from 23 October, at the Google Store, Courts, and Challenger.

Nest Wifi

Following the huge success of Google Wifi (which debuted two years ago), here is a faster version of it that implements a Google Assistant. Basically it's a Nest Mini, but with rad Wifi capabilities. We're talking twice the speed and 25% better coverage — a two pack can get you covered for a 3,800 square-foot home. Via the Google Home app, you can easily share your Nest Wifi password with guests, or even create a dedicated guest network for them if you're one of those people with trust issues. With the aid of the Assistant, you can even control Wi-Fi usage — pressing pause on your kid's connectivity with a simple 'Hey Google, pause the Wi-Fi for David." Works like a charm when it's dinnertime.

Google Nest Wifi

Nest Wifi router is priced at $229 while Nest Wifi point is priced at $199. Stay tuned for its availability dates from the same retailers.