Google Nest Wifi review: A smart home mesh router system for stronger connection speeds and quality speakers

Google Nest Wifi review: A smart home mesh router system for stronger connection speeds and quality speakers

In the sync of things

Text: Janice Sim

So you've got your enchanting work station set up in the most sancitifed corner of your home: A standing desk, a cushy $1,000 support chair, that fresh cup of coffee atop a Pinterest-esque coaster, and not forgetting, a moodboard of Ryan Gosling eternally going "Hey girl".

While all that sounds like the perfect environ to never commute for the office again, something as invisible as spotty Wifi can ruin all of it within a second.

Google Nest Wifi — the follow-up to Google Wifi — has been in the market for close to a year now. But it's only till this pandemic-ridden time that I've properly began to appreciate and glorify this unasumming ball of a gadget for what it is. Some recap: Nest Wifi isn't a modem, but rather a router (where brands like Linksys, Asus, and TP-Link are commonly thrown around). And how it levels up from Google Wifi, is in fact, its stronger connection speeds as well as a multi-functional feature of having Google Assistant installed within.

Google Nest Wifi

"Hey Google, what's my Internet connection speed?" Nest Wifi would answer promptly, while doubling up into a speaker just so I can blast my playlist on Spotify. Especially now that I don't have to keep my tunes to myself — concealed in noise-cancelling headphones — as to what I would do at work. "Okay Google, stop the music", when that Zoom call beckons.

The set-up to my current modem was easier than I expected most connection-related labryinths to be. Thanks to the Google Home app and the nifty quick start guide, it was all about connecting the points to the right ports. And everything will be in order. With regards to the speed, Nest Wifi has double the Wi-Fi streams and over two times the processing power of Google Wifi. There's 25% greater coverage and speeds that run up to 2.2 Gbps.

Imagine this, all you need is a Nest Wifi router and a separate point system to take on 200 connected smart home devices. That might sound excessive, but that also meant a pain-free process when it came down to streaming and downloading heavy material on my desktop. What I also appreciated was the flexibility and personalisation that comes with the mesh system, Nest Wifi would easily sync to an existing Google Wifi (if you were one of the first ones to jump on the bandwagon in 2017). Through the Google Home app, I was able to prioritise devices, which placed my working laptop in top order. Ephemerally, I also relished in the fact that I could say: "Let me create a guest network for you" to my friends who visited. That can easily be created on the app instantly, with a password available to share. Not that I was uptight about keeping my information secure, but rather it was really all about the tech flex.

Google Nest Wifi

And whenever technology chooses to act in defiance (which it does), Nest Wifi keeps things in order stealthly in the background — like Batman does for Gotham. By adjusting complex settings to keep my signals speedy and even going as far to switch myself to a clearer Wifi channel if congestion is detected anywhere. The fastest route is always promptly selected, saving myself the pains of rebooting anything, ever again.

Today's milleu is all about being connected. Even if you are working miles away from your office in the CBD, taking a few hours to respond to an urgent email or fixing a server issue is sadly seen as unforgivable, and more importantly, a major toll on your mental health. For that piece of mind, I'll glady gloss over a $200 price tag. Plus, it looks exceptionally cute on my new work station.

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