Google Home in Singapore: How this virtual assistant is about to change your life

Google Home in Singapore: How this virtual assistant is about to change your life


Text: Janice Sim

"Hey Google, there's a suspicious object in my room"

In today's news of Google domination, Google Home — the smart voice-activated speaker —  is now available on our shores. Following the unprecedented success of fellow virtual assistants like Alexa and Apple's HomePod, Google's latest hat thrown into the ring only means one thing — our lives are about to change, and only for the better. Let's face it, the thrill of having a virtual character at your beck and call is today's zeitgeist. We're not planning on fighting it.

The timely launch comes hand in hand with the official eCommerce Google Store in Singapore, which means you can now easily browse and buy Google's stellar line-up without leaving your house. 

Google Home

The stakes are sky high for the Google Home. After all, it is Google we're talking about. If we can't count on it to know just about everything — from geographical queries to who's dating who in Hollywood, well who can we turn to? Naturally, the Google Home will serve up an accurate representation of the infinite, all-knowing realm. Below, we scrutinise the inanimate-animated object to uncover what it can possibly do for our lives at home.  

There's a mini version of it

One size doesn't necessarily fit all. There's the Google Home and then there's the Google Home Mini. The former is meant for larger rooms as it covers a wider sphere, while the latter is better suited at your bedside. Between us, we're in love with the Google Home Mini and would place it everywhere — even if it's simply for aesthetic purposes.

Google Home Mini

Your wish is its command

Remember the Google Assistant which made its debut in the Pixel phone? It is built into the Google Home as well as the Mini. Start your command with "Hey Google" and the rest is up to you. The smart home device can tell you everything: how long your commute to work would take, what's the weather like in Tokyo and how fast a cheetah can run. You can even brush up on your Mandarin under its guidance. If you have your Gmail calendar updated, the Google Home can give you a quick breakdown of your day while you're brushing your teeth.

It recognises your voice, as well as five others

Unless you live alone, this fellow is open to serving other family members as well (it recognises a total of six voices). Set up "Voice-Match" from the Google Home app to enable a more personalised experience. It will also recognise your voice pertaining to your personal matters. "Put on my favourite playlist" wouldn't lead to blasting out your teenage sister's cringy Taylor Swift mix.

Google Home

It has influential friends

This clever guy doesn't work alone. With partnerships with local news providers, you can get access to current affairs without flipping through anything, not even your smartphone. Together with the Chromecast, Google Home also makes it easier for you to project your favourite Netflix series onto your OLED screen. All you have to do is say the magic words.

It's basically Singaporean

The device is specially localised — just like a true blue Singaporean. From navigating your route to Paya Lebar to sussing out the nearest NTUC, Google Home has all the colloquial terms down pat. Don't believe us? Pry for a Singaporean joke and it will pull out the chilli crab puns. We're not kidding.

Google Home and Google Home Mini will go on sale on 20 April at Starhub, Courts Singapore, Challenger outlets and the online Google Store