Gmail's new features: Schedule your emails and incorporate title and word suggestions from an AI machine

Gmail's new features: Schedule your emails and incorporate title and word suggestions from an AI machine

All is well

Text: Janice Sim

It has been 15 years since Gmail entered our lives, and on a very odd date — which marked April Fool's. In a strange turn of events, the formidable service eased the burden of a cluttered inbox, and since then; work has never been the same again. Or rather, we have been unfairly biased against users. Evidently, Gmail's existence wasn't a joke. It was a masterplan for greatness — especially now that these new features have been added.

Scheduled sending
Emails don't operate on a live basis anymore. You can slate your painfully long email for a later date, if you're worried it's going to ruin your boss' weekend. Intending to disconnect during your next vacation? Send out your last thread of emails to be scheduled from Monday to Friday right before you board.

Schedule send

Smart compose
This AI driven feature isn't to encourage the lazy act of milliennial slang, but rather to minimise the number of words we have to type out in a formal email especially when we're on the go. Gmail uses machine learning to provide word suggestions as you type your email. As it gets more attuned to the way you speak, it will start to offer words and slangs that sound more like you. With the recent update, more languages like Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese have also been added. 

To get started, make sure you enable the new feature by going to Settings to try the new Gmail. Click on general tab and enable experimental access.

Smart Compose

Interactivity within the screen
Forget the hassle of switching between tabs just to get more work done, Gmail's dynamic email feature allows you to take action directly from within the message itself. For instance: RSVPing to an event, filling out a questionaire and browsing a catalog. If someone mentions you in Google Docs, you can easily respond to it in a single thread instead of receiving multiple email notifications when someone mentions you in a comment.

Gmail's njew features