Your food hunts just got easier with Burpple's latest update

Your food hunts just got easier with Burpple's latest update


Text: Janice Sim

It all starts with this handy app's brand new look

When your hangry stomach is calling out for a gratifying meal on our sunny shores, we often leave it to our tech devices — or should we say vices — to point us in the right direction. Along the way, you might have already discovered Burpple, a godsend app for your inner foodie. It does anything and everything from listing a wide range of restaurants, detailing relevant reviews on food quality and service, and determining if your dinner is worth blowing a few hundred dollars on. Needless to say, Burpple's solid reputation of being an active food community has grown rapidly over the years, since its debut in 2012.

burpple image food

For the common good of enthusiastic and habitually famished foodies, Burpple's latest upgrade is a game-changing one — furnished with a chic, new interface decked out with visually led recommendations (think Instagram's alluring aesthetics), a smart search function, table reservation options in partnership with Chope and Quandoo, and even takeouts via Deliveroo, we honestly couldn't ask for more. It's like all our favourite life hacks got together and finally decided to collaborate.

Burpple app screenshot iPhone

What's even better about the upgrade? Burpple's elevated discovery experience. The new home page ingeniously categorises different cuisines into mini guides based on locations or themes that can change according to the weather — for example, a cold, rainy day might call for the best of hot and spicy soups. Users can also easily sieve through Burpple's extensive food logs by typing in what they're feeling up for. For instance, if you're after a fresh salad in the east or craving local eats in Tanjong Pagar, all you have to do is make your request known. Making a food decision has never been easier.

As a final sweetener, part of the Burpple community experience also means you get first dibs on exclusive promotions on selected restaurants or cafes wherever applicable. Nuff' said, it's time to get lunch. 

Burpple is available for download on the Apple Store or on Google Play

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