Meet FlexBot, your personal wellness bot

Meet FlexBot, your personal wellness bot


Text: Denise Kok

Think of it as your guru, coach, and mom all rolled into one

Too busy to breathe? That's probably how most of us feel on an average work day. Work is a relentless beast, and we return home with aching shoulders from hunching over our desks all day. Consider this a modern malady. The curse of the 21st-century office warrior. Those armed with the Apple Watch might already receive reminders to stand, stay hydrated, and — when stress levels start to rise — take a minute or two to breathe.

For the rest of us, FlexBot — a personal wellness slack bot — is the virtual buddy you can count on for little nudges to keep your body and mental health in check. The only catch? It works in tandem with Slack, the messaging app for teams that has fast replaced the use of traditional emails in some of the most innovative offices out there.  

slackbot flexbot

To get FlexBot up and running, you simply add the bot to your Slack system and it'll start to stage "mini-interventions" at the appropriate times. Have a big meeting coming up? FlexBot will help to rid those nerves by introducing stress-release techniques. Regular reminders to stay hydrated are built into your day while a slew of yoga content will have you stretching out at your work station. 

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