Fitbit's new Alta HR comes with a heart rate tracking function

Fitbit's new Alta HR comes with a heart rate tracking function


Text: Janice Sim

You can now cater workouts of the right intensity for your body

If you've yet to be acquainted with activity trackers, now would be a good time to get started — especially with Fitbit's newest tracker, the Alta HR. Besides all the good it does to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it also holds its own as the world's slimmest fitness wristband.

Syncing nicely with Fitbit's trusty app, the Alta HR covers the basics — monitoring your steps, distance travelled (via GPS), calories burnt, and how well you've been sleeping. The device also conveniently displays notifications and incoming calls from your smartphone, so you'll never miss a text from your bestie. But what makes the Alta HR a notch better than its predecessor, the Fitbit Alta, is that the Alta HR now encompasses optical heart rate sensors by using a smart technology called Pure Pulse. This gives wearers an accurate continuous heart rate reading throughout the day, which you can then use to cater workouts of the right intensity for your body — useful especially for endurance athletes and those with heart conditions. The fitness wearable also measures how consistent exercise aids your heart health by religiously monitoring your stats. At nights, we recommend wearing the Alta HR to sleep, as it measures your resting heart rate while you're in la la land. This can help determine if there's ever an underlying health problem to address. 

Fitbit Alta HR

Unsure if you've been sleeping well? Users can now get more intel on their sleep sessions through the Alta HR — as it breaks down your slumber into light sleep, deep sleep, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stages, time spent awake, and a breakdown of your overall sleep quality. Key insights are also thrown into the mix — for example, statistics that provide assurance that your body was performing important functions even though you were in a light state of sleep. That's definitely the kind of comforting revelation we need in this day and age.

Fitbit Alta HR

As far as aesthetics go, the Alta HR is sleek and modular, which means you can easily swap out colour straps (hues such as coral, lavender and fuchsia are available) depending on your daily #ootd. What's more, you'll have no trouble stacking it alongside the rest of your arm candy.

The Fitbit Alta HR is now available at major retailers.

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