Facebook Dating in Singapore: A reformed dating app to rival Tinder, Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel

Facebook Dating in Singapore: A reformed dating app to rival Tinder, Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel

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Text: Janice Sim

It's 2019. We have a fleet of dating apps under our twiddling thumbs, yet somehow dating in the 21st century is still an onerous affair. Perhaps, the excessive use of technology and online communication has made things seemingly more complicated than they actually are.

That said, we're still jumping at every new opportunity (the biological clock is ticking) — especially if it means a new matchmaking platform birthed by the Social Network, Facebook. The new feature, Facebook Dating (housed within the app itself) officially launches in Singapore, along with 18 other countries.  

The venture, seems befitting; especially when millions of connections and profiles are already logged into the app. Currently, over 200 million people have listed themselves as Single on their profiles. Hence the move to play cupid.

But unlike the metrics of existing dating apps, Mark Zuckerberg's idea of the dating game is more calculated, controlled, and definitely more PG13. His intent isn't to create a platform for heat-of-the-moment hook-ups but instead he wishes for people to find "real long-term relationships".

How it works: The dating feature marks a separate profile from your existing one on Facebook. That means nothing will be shared, with the exception of your name and age — so to prevent the possibility of catfishing. You'll see suggested matches based on your preferences, interests in Events and Groups and social actions that you do on Facebook (for instance: sharing GoT memes might only lead you to a person that's as invested in the show as you are). What's sets Facebook Dating apart from a typical 'people market', is the premise that only your suggested matches can see your dating profile. Your pals on Facebook and anyone that you have previously blocked will not be able to see it, unless it's something you've opted for.

Once you've matched with a person, you're only given one message to reach out to the other party — just so to prevent harassment in the future. That means a killer opening line. If the other party has replied to your opening message, the chat will officially move into the Conversations tab.

Facebook Dating

What we like: The text-only rule in the Messaging app means you won't be exposed to unsolicited d*** pics, videos or gifs. So to make use of your existing connections, Zuckerberg also has an added feature called Secret Crush — reserved for individuals who might already have a thing for one of their Facebook buddies. Those that want to explore that option can select up to nine Facebook friends. If your crush puts you on his or her list, it's a match. If the feeling isn't mutual, don't worry — no one will ever know you've put their names in the flirty "Goblet of Fire".

Facebook Dating

What we're not sure about: Zuckerberg might have played a little too safe on this one; the algorithm seems slightly dated. Setting us up with only suggested matches might mean that many potential suitors could be excluded from our line of sight. After all, couples don't exactly have to like the same things in order to fall in love with one another. (Whatever happened to the magnetic laws of physical attraction?) It also limits the appeal of 'face-shopping', like how we're used to on apps like Tinder and Bumble, which takes the fun out of searching. 

Try Facebook Dating in your most updated version of Facebook today.