Dyson Digital Slim review: The lightest vacuum to date made for Asian households

Dyson Digital Slim review: The lightest vacuum to date made for Asian households

Barefoot luxury

Text: Janice Sim

There's clean. And then there's barefoot clean. Asians should resonate deeply with the difference, since the bulk of us run a no-shoes policy in our own homes. To put things in perspective, we even go as far to scurry off straight to the bathroom to wash our feet upon reaching home. So yes, that's how much we take care of our floorboards, and general hygiene in the household. Tapping onto that is Dyson's latest invention — not just their lightest vacuum to date, but also their first that is specifically engineered for Asian homes. We have a go at Dyson Digital Slim.

Dyson Digital Slim

Starting off with its build, which is made to cater to Asians that typically own a smaller frame, the vacuum is 20% smaller and 30% lighter than the V11. This means an easier run-around of the house — a significant weight off the usual load, totaling up to only 1.9kg. It's also geared up to serve hard floors, a common foundation of Asian households, which requires fine dust pick-up. We certainly appreciate the shorter wand on the Digital Slim, given that we aren't the tallest folk in the room.

Digital Slim

But if you thought a smaller machine was going to equate to compromised power, you thought wrong. 26 engineers had to pool their heads together to ensure that no suction power would be lost in the process of scaling down the vacuum. The motor in this? Spins up to 120,000 rpm. To do so, they had to remodel the cyclone pack and motor housing, placing both aspects in the same body assemble. Less seals and screws to shave off the weight. The cyclones are also unique to this model, reconfigured in a new curvature — just so they fit in a more compact area, while ensuring strong power to zap up fine dust particles. It's hard to tell if you don't know anything about vacuums, but this one also boasts of a new fluffy cleaner brush bar, that is designed to tackle smaller and tighter angles in the room.

Dyson Digital Slim

The trickest parts of our home did get a quick sweep and with the reduced load, the chore of cordless vacuum, didn't feel too much like a cumbersome affair anymore. As far as the other gizmos go, they run the same as with a LCD screen, which gives you a rundown on cleaning modes and remaining run time. Our fingers also appreciated the new contoured shape of the trigger, that lays it in a more comfortable position while going about full speed ahead. While the Digital Slim is not made to be as powerful as the V11, it sits on a line of its own — placating a few user considerations that are specific to living in an Asian household. Mom and dad approved — that's for sure.

The Dyson Digital Slim is priced at $849. Get yours here.

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