Insider access: Dior’s 3D-printed headset takes you backstage

Insider access: Dior’s 3D-printed headset takes you backstage

Virtual reality

Text: Varsha Sivaram

‘Dior Eyes’ is set to give you coveted access to the makings of a Dior fashion show

Tapping on the twin technologies of 3D-printing and virtual reality, the French fashion giant has created a new headset dubbed 'Dior Eyes'. Even if you don't have a pass to go backstage, donning the headset allows you to get a behind-the-scenes look at the makings of a Dior show — in real time, no less.

The futuristic device is more chic than geek, sporting a minimalist black and white palette set against bold, clean lines. Curious to see how it all came together? Watch it grow from a sketch to the real thing in the video below.

The 'Eyes' take wearers backstage in real time, from the comfort of another location altogether. They'll be used for Dior's upcoming ready-to-wear event as a new way of engaging with customers (the company calls it 'retailtainment'). Interesting portmanteaus aside, we're excited to see how the 'Dior Eyes' fare at their next event.

Curious to give it a whirl? Dior Eyes is available at the Christian Dior Parfums counter at Robinsons Heeren from June 8-17.