These wireless chargers are exactly what your smartphone needs

These wireless chargers are exactly what your smartphone needs


Text: Janice Sim

Yet another step to wire abomination

Let's recap the essentials in an average millennial's bag: Smartphone, wallet, stylish sunnies, headphones, and maybe even a quick-fix make-up kit. But what we tend to forget (until an emergency happens) is a trusty power bank or charger. That said emergency is when your iPhone X or Google Pixel 2 runs out of juice before you were able to document your day's highlights on Instagram Stories.

Most of us abhor the idea of lugging around any extra weight (which is why we never carry umbrellas), and power banks aren't exactly the coolest things in this world. Well, Australian tech brand, Cygnett is here to shake things up with its line of trusty, stylish chargers, all set to power up your gadgets and gizmos on the go. Granted, it's almost 2018, so obviously these chargers come free of clunky wires. 

Perfect for the busy bee, the Cygnett PowerBase Wireless Desk Charger is sleek, compact, and booted with an anti-slip surface to ensure your device stays in place. Designed for the latest smartphones — i.e. iPhone X, iPhone 8, and other android devices, this charger is compatible with all flat-based cases measuring under 3mm in thickness. Not sure if your phone is actually charging? Its LED light indicator will alert you if it is incorrectly aligned on the charging surface.

Cygnett wireless charger

Drivers will be thrilled to find another alternative — Cygnett MagMount Qi Wireless Car Charger, a lifesaver on hectic mornings when breakfast isn't even an option. Simply mount this slim beaut to your car's vent with a hold clip, as your phone securely attaches itself via a sturdy magnetic system. This brilliant device is one to withstand the bumpiest roads — even if your device is encased in a protective case. 

Cygnett wireless charger

Still think chargers are cumbersome and uncool? It's probably time to give this Aussie juice pack a go.

Available now online, and at all leading electronic stores.