Buro Broadcast: Get our top stories delivered to you via WhatsApp

Buro Broadcast: Get our top stories delivered to you via WhatsApp

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Our broadcast service keeps you up to date with the best in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, watches, and contemporary culture

If your life is an incessant race of back-to-back meetings, client lunches, dinner parties, and family-centric weekends, it can be an impossible task to kick back and have a moment to yourself. Reading the newspaper while at breakfast? Fat chance. Scrolling through a website during your daily commute? By the time you get to a story that strikes your fancy, you've arrived at your destination.

This is where Buro Broadcast comes in. We cut through the noise and deliver a curated list of stories directly to your WhatsApp inbox once a week. Get direct links to our most-read stories, trending articles, videos, and exclusive content that you need to know about to stay ahead of the curve.

To start the WhatsApp service, all you have to do is save the number +65 9167 7714 to your contacts list and send us a message to us saying "SUBSCRIBE <INSERT FULL NAME>". If you wish to cancel the service at any point, just send "UNSUBSCRIBE <INSERT FULL NAME>" to the same number. Please allow up to three working days for Buro Broadcast to be activated or suspended.

And voilà! FOMO is no longer a thing in your life. Sign up now, and be sure to tell all your friends.

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