5 revolutionary tech products that changed our lives this year

5 revolutionary tech products that changed our lives this year


Text: Janice Sim

A recap of the gadgets that made the impossible, possible

What a groundbreaking year it has been for the tech market — from the entry of facial recognition on smartphones, to wireless charging, electric cars, and heck, even the revival of the ancient Nokia 3310. 

This goes to show that nothing is impossible when it comes to creating the gadgets we never knew we needed until they were birthed. While we're already psyched to see what is yet to blow our minds in 2018, here's a little note of appreciation for five tech products that made a definitive impact on our lives this year.

1. iPhone X

Only your face can unlock the phone's screen — if that isn't cool, we don't know what is. A decade ago, such technology only existed in fictional spy movies. Also, all thanks to the iPhone X, we thought expressive emojis were all we needed till we met animojis — the emoji's fun, excitable, and true-to-life cousin which we quickly fell head over heels for.

Best tech gadgets 2017 Apple iPhone X

2. Google WiFi

None of us knew how routers worked before Google WiFi came into the picture. Goodbye black dusty blocks and hello chic, white domes good enough for your coffee table flatlays. Gone are the days where you had to painstakingly figure out which wire fell out; now, all you have to do is to check the Google WiFi app from your phone to solve any connectivity problems. Easy peasy.

Best tech gadgets 2017 Google Wifi

3. Apple Watch Series 3

More than just a smartwatch that tracks your activity, plays music, and accurately measures your heart rate, you can now make calls and receive text messages via the Apple Watch Series 3 without taking your smartphone with you during your evening workouts. Another point to note? Siri now has a life without your phone. Talk about radical.

Best tech gadgets 2017 Apple Watch 3


No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. The LG OLED TV W7 is indeed that thin — 2.57mm to be exact. Holy. Cow. This slim beaut isn't just a pretty face (get it?) but boasts a pixel dimming control technology, rendering a perfect black without any light leakage, and an impressive infinite contrast ratio to display state-of-the-art imagery. In a nutshell, it's what you need to win at movie nights at home.

Best tech gadgets 2017 LG OLED TV

5. BeoSound Shape

Wall art or speaker? Why, both of course — all thanks to the brains at Bang & Olufsen. The BeoSound Shape delivers an off-the-wall speaker system, coupled with immersive sound staging and integrated noise dampeners to please any accoustic nazi. Did we mention it also looks like a million bucks? 

Best tech gadgets 2017 Beo Sound Shape