Best tech of 2020: Zoom, TikTok, Apple Watch, Widgetsmith, and more

Best tech of 2020: Zoom, TikTok, Apple Watch, Widgetsmith, and more

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Text: Azrin Tan

Image: Instagram @procreate
Image: Instagram @tiktok

2020 was the year we relied on tech, above all else. With COVID-19 swarming up town, we only found ourselves increasingly physically estranged from one another. Flights were cancelled, businesses operations were suspended, and we were forced into the constrained realms of our homes. Yet we found new ways of living, and discovered novel definitions of human connection. And in some ironic sense, we had 2020 and its technological superiority to thank for it all. We began the flexible age of #WFH — something some might consider a blessing in disguise — and we spent more time exploring other pursuits that we felt truly important in our lives: including everything from fitness to self-care. We had a bunch of challenges to face, but we learnt to overcome them with a load of help from the virtual world. So without further ado, we give you the rundown of all the best tech that we considered grand winners in our books this past year. Check them all out, below.


There's not much to be said about the most downloaded app of the year. From work meets to Zoom hangouts with friends, this one enabled the dawn of a new #WFH age, and gave us the chance to meet friends virtually, keeping us sane all through quarantine.



To the ##fyp

♬ M to the B - Millie B

Quarantine had us home all day err day. And with that came the endless bout of boredom. But the stay home life also meant we got creative with our entertainment prospects; one of which included spending 7 hours a day filming 60s TikTok reels. You know, experimenting with the transitions and all that.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch goes without saying. Gone are the days that the wrist piece acts a mere timekeeper. From keeping track of your heartbeat during that evening run to easily checking notifications without having to whip out your phones, the smart watch has proven to be one of the sleekest tech additions to double up as a fashion centrepiece every morning.


Need we say more? The paid streaming service was probably the busiest of them all this year as our days bled into weeks and our weeks bled into months on end. After all, what better way to spend all that free time at home than to delight in endless consumption of our favourite shows? Guilty of that Love Island binge.


Zoom was the it-pick for business owners, but Twitch's been around for gamers long before Zoom ever even came into the picture. So we think it deserves a decent spot on this list considering the countless livestreams and endless amounts of gaming entertainment made possible this year.


This chippy bird app has long progressed from being a mere space for us to emo tweet someone 'indirectly' within a span of 140 characters. In the year we demanded for BLM and LGBTQ+ rights more than ever, the app rages on from being a powerful force for enabling social justice to a potential weapon that could be wielded by politicians.

Among Us

This was the most sus of them all. As we lived increasingly virtual lives, this online game took the world by storm overnight. We even got to see a Twitch live stream of AOC playing it so that's gotta count for something.


Just as the entire Apple fleet didn't disappoint in their color variants, the iOS 14 paved new ground for everything a Gen-Z or millennial could dream of — customisable aesthetics. With the new addition of home screen widgets, Widgetsmith quickly became a rising app, allowing people to choose and create their own home widgets from scratch. Talk about personalisation.


Where art becomes digital. In our increased mode of self-care and trying out new things this year, this one app quite possibly opened up new doors for the sphere of digital art. Procreate made it easy for just about anyone to start putting their creative juices to work — be it as an escapade or to learn a valuable new skill.


This was quite possibly the most anticipated tech release of the year, considering its precursor was last released in well...2013. It had been high time for the PlayStation to make its techy upgrade, with all its new features whilst even sporting a new look. The PS5's comeback was absolutely spec-tacular, if we must say so ourselves.