Best gaming console options in 2020: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and more

Best gaming console options in 2020: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and more

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Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

If you're new to gaming, you're probably overwhelmed by the varying amount of gaming consoles on the market. Gaming consoles have changed a lot from the old days gone are the days where gaming meant battling it out on a clunky screen with a single console. These days, gaming consoles are advanced and incredibly powerful, with extra demands for HDR (high-dynamic range) imaging and 4K resolution. The next generation of gaming  from the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to virtual-reality gaming  has landed, with even more capabilities than before. To help your gaming decision, we've laid out the various gaming console options you can buy, below.

For the hardcore gamer: PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

Sony's PlayStation is undoubtedly one of the best gaming consoles on the market, and the launch of the PlayStation 5 further cements their position. Set to release on 19 November in Singapore, the PlayStation 5 sees several enhancements compared to its successor. With an ultra-highspeed SSD, play sessions are improved with lightning speed load times. Ray tracing individually stimulates rays of light, allowing you to immerse yourself further into the gameplay by creating realistic shadows and reflections in supported PS5 games. Other features include 4K-TV gaming, HDR compatibility, a high-frame rate of up to 120fps for compatible games, and support for 120Hz and 8K output. The PlayStation also holds a more expansive gaming library with exclusive options in comparison to other gaming consoles.

PlayStation 5 Digital

Sony will also debut a digital edition of the PlayStation 5, the first of its kind, that will come without a disc drive. A more affordable option, gamers simply have to purchase and download their games from the PlayStation Store instead of inserting a disc.

For the gamer that needs the best graphics: Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

If you prefer video games with compelling lengthy gameplays, Microsoft's Xbox should be your pick. With its powerful displays and clear graphics, the Xbox has always been a favourite for those seeking the best possible image quality. The upcoming Xbox Series X, slated hit shelves on 10 November, should serve that notion even further. Touted as 'the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever', Series X sees considerably reduced load times for games. To further create realistic gameplay that you'll engross yourself in, Series X delivers ray tracing for true-to-life lighting, shadows and reflections. Other attributes of Series X include high frame rates of up to 120fps with HDR, 4K gaming, 3D spatial audio and increased inventory with a storage expansion card sold separately.

Xbox Series S

Alongside the launch of Series X is the Xbox Series S, which is priced at a slightly lower cost. The smallest Xbox to date, Series S is similar to its PlayStation competitor with its disc-free and all-digital console. Current games in the Series S launch library includes over 100 gaming titles in Xbox Game Pass and thousands of other favourites, new release and time-honoured titles.

For the on-the-go gamer: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

If you're always flitting around on-the-go and looking to fill your time in-between appointments or waiting for public transport, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect option for you. The handheld gaming console hit peak popularity earlier this year with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which helped curbed boredom during the apex of quarantine. The demand for the Switch hasn't died down since then, with good reason so. For starters, the Switch works as a handheld, meaning you could play your games literally anywhere  lying down on your bed, sprawled out on your living room couch, or even travelling home on public transport. There's also TV mode, which allows you to dock your Switch for higher definition gameplay on your TV. Tabletop mode allows you to flip the stand on your Switch to share the screen. Combined with the Joy-Con controllers that allows for multiplayers, gaming with friends via the Switch is a breeze.

Nintendo Switch Lite

For those seeking an even lighter option, the Nintendo Switch Lite is specifically designed for handheld play. The console comes with built-in controllers for full handheld gaming, with a sleek and lightweight design that's ideal to slip into purses. The Switch Lite also comes in four fun colours yellow, gray, turquoise and coral  for you to express your personality best. If you're unsure between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo has a handy comparison chart here that allow you to see which system works for you.

For the gamer looking to escape reality: Oculus Quest 2

Take gaming to the next level with Oculus Quest 2, the latest self-contained VR gaming console to be released. The updated and more affordable successor to the first Oculus Quest, the second Oculus Quest sees multiple upgrades. Improvements include higher screen resolution, a lighter and smaller headset, a new lens design and redesigned controllers. Besides the faster processor and higher clarity, the Oculus Quest 2 also has a price drop in comparison to its predecessor. Since the Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone console that hosts its own games and apps, it also eliminates the need for a TV, computer, or another gaming console. Here's to your new escape space that'll whisk you away from the realities of 2020.

For the old-school gamer: SEGA Genesis Mini

Remember the golden days where gaming meant a pixelated Sonic the Hedgehog dashing across your screen? Well, you can relieve those days with the SEGA Genesis Mini, a miniature replica of the iconic original. The 16-bit gaming system comes pre-loaded with 40 classic games such as Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris and more. The compact retro gaming console also comes with two wired 3-button control pads, a HDMI cable and a USB power adapter. Simply plug and play to reminisce the good ol' days.