Review: The Beoplay H8i could change the way you feel about headphones

Review: The Beoplay H8i could change the way you feel about headphones


Text: Janice Sim

Bang & Olufsen has done it again — Beoplay H8i certainly proves to be a cut above the rest

There are many reasons to deter someone from buying a set of headphones over a box of earphones. A: They're bulky. B: An extra load in your bag. C: At times, almost too flashy for your liking. 

But here's why these reasons won't matter with the Beoplay H8i. If anything, this chic set of wireless headphones make it easy to overlook the shortcomings — even that additional 200g in your purse. After all, if it doesn't fit? Wear it over your neck and watch it double up as an stylish accessory.

Beoplay H8i

For starters, the Beoplay H8i isn't the hardest thing to look at — luxurious materials of real leather (tip: choose the natural shade) and anodized aluminium make a sophisticated pair. Even while in use, it's easy on the eyes and on the ears, even after a few hours. To get started, pair it to your device via Bluetooth and you're good to go.

And while headphones aren't the most discreet gadget around, the ironic yet fab feature about the H8i is that it actually makes you feel invisible. We're talking about the Active Noise Cancellation enhancement, which shuts off the world once connected — be it inconsolable babies on a flight or daily podcasts from your co-workers. Engineered with the brilliance that is Bang & Olufsen, it's easy to get lost in the convoluted world of Kendrick Lamar or emotional with the late Amy Winehouse.

Beoplay H8i

Even if you are expected to engage, for example, if a stranger interrupts to ask for directions, the H8i's proximity feature smartly pauses your music whenever you remove your headphones, and plays it promptly once you put them back on. You won't have to start or stop your tracks; this gadget will do the "heavy-lifting" for you.

What's more? Even the battery life has an impressive amount of playtime at 30 hours. You won't have to worry about running out of juice even on a long-haul flight to New York City.

Could you now call us converts to the heavier listening medium? We definitely think so. 

Beoplay H8i is now available in all Bang & Olufsen stores and selected retailers.