Leave it to Bang & Olufsen to make earsets cool again

Leave it to Bang & Olufsen to make earsets cool again


Text: Janice Sim

The '90s never looked so good

Over the years, technology has been fluidly moving in accordance with the change of times. From facial recognition in our smartphones to wireless buds in our ears, it has been all about moving forward — in search of the unknown and revolutionary. But here's why we humans (technophile or not) are said to contradict ourselves; we too, can't help but yearn and look back on the old days of iPod shuffles and bulky headphones (which are still pretty trendy right now).

Now tech stalwart, Bang & Olufsen has made a bold move by bringing back a beloved earset from the '90s. Don't worry, there's none of that broker/property agent-bluetooth headset aesthetic; but instead with B&O's magic fingers, comes the obliteration of the once-dated connotation.

Bang & Olufsen earset

This isn't just any other bluetooth earset; this is Beoplay's 2018 edition. Taking inspiration from their classic earset from the '90s, the brand has preserved the functional design aspects of its predecessor while debuting a fresh new look for the cool cats of today. Elements that were so sacredly kept includes the adjustment system that Danish designer Anders Hermansen came up with in the '90s. Users can easily modify the angle of the earbud, height of the piston and the curve of the earhook to ensure a perfect fit.

Bang & Olufsen earset

In true B&O fashion, premium materials are roped in this gadget. The iconic earhook encompasses sections of soft rubber and a hex screw to deliver a comfortable and secure fit behind the ear. Apart from that, there's a unique sound tuning feature, which allows the speaker to sit inside the ear and not in too deep, just so it doesn't entirely block off ambient sounds. The resulting acoustics are also perceived as a clearer one — with the earbud adapted to ensure an optimal angle for sound performance.

You can effortlessly control your music, pick up calls or activate Siri — via bluetooth and its built-in microphone — without touching that iPhone in your purse. Now who's to say this blast from the past isn't actually paving the way for the future? 

The Beoplay Earset (in Graphite Brown and White) is now available in all Bang & Olufsen stores and selected retailers.