Apps to download during the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore: Zoom, TraceTogether, TikTok, Deliveroo

Apps to download during the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore: Zoom, TraceTogether, TikTok, Deliveroo

Business as usual

Text: Janice Sim


We don't know if you have noticed, but life isn't what it used to be. At least not since 2020 was beset with COVID-19, leaving our lives at a constant risk and at an indefinite standstill. Major events have been cancelled, travel escapades for the year are now up in the air, and most of us can't even step out of the house. With an onslaught of bad news, mayhap it's time to set our sights on fighting it ourselves within, apart from deep scrubs and the mandatory sanitiser cleanse.

Life still has to go on amidst the global plague, that means resuming work efficiency, staying active, and injecting light and positivity even when you're governed to stay at home for a good 14 days. Yes, it's hard especially when things can feel slightly manic with cabin fever and a lack of well, proper grooming. Fortunately, technology reigns even in the face of adversity; and here's everything you need to download in order to get your schedule back on track and outlive the pandemic in the long run.

Safety first

Download: TraceTogether

Those that aren't sanctioned to stay home, don't be afraid of going about your daily lives. Just do it with a contact-tracing app, TraceTogether, cleverly invented by our government. The main gist is to detect people who have been within two metres of coronavirus patients for at least 30 minutes, by using wireless Bluetooth technology. If or when a user gets infected, MOH would be able to quickly trace which other users he or she has been in close contact with. Not only would the infected be narrowed down but also curbing the spread. Once DORSCON level has cooled off to green, the app will automatically stop running and you'll get a notification on how to erase your data.


Work from home

Download: Zoom

It's hard to keep morale up and maintain a consistent workflow when you're separated from your colleagues and bosses. Hence, Zoom. As the name suggests, video conferences can easily take place between a group of people (even as big as 100). Which means meetings, contingency plans (in light of COVID-19), and office gossip can take place as usual. This might also get you off the couch and convince you to take a shower.

Zoom conference

Stay active

Download: Nike Training Club

The gyms and boutique studios might still be open with a lower capacity for classes, but if you're feeling uneasy about shared equipment, work up a sweat on your own account. Sure, it takes a little bit more motivation, but there are plenty of apps that demonstrate at-home exercises. Our favourite happens to be the Nike Training Club, which offers a slew of dynamic workouts ranging from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga.

Nike Training app

Have a laugh (because you need it)

Download: TikTok

You might have staved off the app because it looks downright ludicrous. But when you're forced to stay home after exhausting everything on Netflix, you might want to give TikTok a go. There's a whole arsenal of content — varying from outrageous stunts, funny illusions, impressive dances, and even informational ones like beauty tutorials to cop tips from.


Refuel and repeat

Download: Deliveroo

After a whole week, there is a human limit to home cooked meals, unless you're living with a chef. Support our local businesses (namely our restaurants and eateries) by opting for home delivery. Deliveroo's a good way to start, but if you've other places in mind — a couple of haute favourites have already started rolling out delivery services. Who's up for some Mexican grub from Papi's Tacos?