Apple's success as a tech brand: New releases that assume the trends of the future generation

Apple's success as a tech brand: New releases that assume the trends of the future generation

A force on its own

Text: Janice Sim

The tech realm is as erratic as the stock market. Every year, we witness an epic battle of devices going head to head with a novel feature that hasn't already been done. Until it does, and the feature gets an upgrade from its direct competitor. Sure, say what you will about your preferred camp — we as consumers, clutch on to our beliefs of what works best, what holds in the long run, and sometimes, what simply looks good.

One thing's for sure, Apple still remains to raise the roof every time Keynote comes around. It's as though the world watches with bated breath, to witness what groundbreaking inventions the U.S. conglomerate will reveal. Followed by snaking queues once the release dates are announced. Since the very first Macbook was birthed, Apple has amassed a cult following that would only grow more fervent and powerful with every year.

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Long drawn debates and arguments can be said about how reliable or savvy Apple's products are, but one thing that can't be denied — the brand's formula at a consistently cool and nifty persona. Apple products never go out of style, and on top of that, they are almost always the harbingers of something. Whether it be the Face ID coding, slow-fies (front-facing videos shot in slow-mo that can now be documented for a powerful hair flip), and who knows what else?

It's formidable in a way because before Apple came along, tech was never a product that solidified your social status. Sure, it was an object that was cool and reserved for the wealthy and educated, but never one that effortlessly completed an outfit. Still reaping from the effects that was the Steve Jobs reign, the brand is touted for cutting-edge minimalist design, a smart operating system, and tools that seamlessly wiggle their way into your daily life. Even at the expense without you realising it.

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Still this date, the launch of the iPhone remains to be a groundbreaking memory. We might be looking towards the 12th edition this year, but its inaugural product made history by knocking out two major houses — namely Nokia and Blackberry — out of the charts. Today, the iPhone is a multi-faceted product, with accessibility and clever tech, which creates good fun for the user. Mostly, it has been lifted up to replace some old essentials in our lives — case in point, that clunky DSLR the moment Portrait Mode changed everything as well as our MP3 player, with iTunes then Apple Music rejigging things, and at the same time, paving the way for a new business model within the brand. Admittedly, with each year, the almighty phone reveals fewer game-changing tech (not since Face ID), but the Apple cycle is hard to quit. Not when their products look this sleek and at the end of the day, operating this smoothly. And with every new release, comes a sweetener (no matter how small or grave) that would tickle the fancy of this generation's clout of digital millennials.

Macbooks might have plateaued just a wee bit. But that doesn't mean that tweens aren't still bugging their parents for one. Nothing much has changed, because you don't actually need to fix what's not broken. At least, not when we're talking about their (almost) paper-thin devices.

And as far as their watches go, they remain to be a smart and stylish accessory. Even if you're simply using it for its Apple-approved watch face that is. But in a fiercely saturated sphere that is the smart watches cum activity trackers, Apple has found a niche opening to set its fleet of watches apart. Personal health. With a 'Fall Detection' feature and most recently last year, a software that allows you to measure your ECG as well as a Noise App that tells you if you're in a place that's harmful for your eardrums. These are things we don't think about when shopping for a smartwatch, but it's pretty neat to get a whole fleet of it alongside the workout tracking, text messaging, and other qualities of a smartwatch. It's nice to have your unassuming device look out for your well-being once in a while, especially when we fail to do that for ourselves.

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So say what you will about Apple, but with its relentless charge towards the future and other firsts-to-come (following models like Apple TV+ and Apple Pay), we say it's well-worthy of the cult following. Us included.

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