Apple's new Macbook Air 2020 review: Smart keyboard and twice the storage space at a lowered price

Apple's new Macbook Air 2020 review: Smart keyboard and twice the storage space at a lowered price

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Text: Janice Sim

Here's the thing: Unless you're living in a house withholding a Pinterest-esque home office, working from home wouldn't feel like a breeze. Aesthetically, it wouldn't look the most appealing, and that also bodes a slim chance for productivity. Hence with every new device, comes a foreign wave of excitement that could potentially bolster the minimal efficiency we're surviving on. As we're typing this above a cluttered dining table. Apple's newest Macbook Air came at a good time actually.

There's just something quite likable about the Air, it's like a secret child that everyone favours over its supposed superior siblings. This year's edition also happens to be grounded at a lowered price for a new drop —$1,499, while integrating new features and tech to make this Air even more outstanding than its previous editions.

Macbook Air

The Smart Keyboard is finally here, first seen on the 16-inch Macbook Pro, now adapted within this thinner surface. It's a solid sensation when it comes to typing — the keys have 1mm of travel while supressing the clicking sound one would generate while wording a long email. It's a basic, substantial result that one can really ask for when it comes to a keyboard. No funny gizmos of a Touch Bar, if you're not that sort of thing. A keyboard that's comforting for a traditionalist.

And for a device that's just 1.29kg (again why we love the Air), this laptop seals in a groundbreaking CPU performance. Twice the speed to be exact, with its new processor. You can keep going at it for hours without breaking for lunch, while switching between your tabs. That certainly cuts back on the frustrations of waiting for a page to load or behemoth files to be download. That being said, this lightweight number starts off its storage space at 256GB.

Macbook Air

You'll also get a decent thrill from the moment you open the Macbook Air. A swift unlocking process with your Touch ID, then greeted by a retina display of four million pixels. Graphically, everything will look clearer than what you were previously staring at. Coupled with a True Tone technology, which adjusts the display to suit the colour temperature of where you're sitting, you'll yield easily to this visual display — yes including your boss' face on Zoom. Speaking of video calls, meetings and social hangouts will stand to gain from the three microphones within — just so you won't ever have to listen to, "I can't hear you" right in the middle of an important conversation.

A downside had to be the battery life, which couldn't last 11 hours (as Apple claimed it could). Especially with multiple apps running all at the same time, after three back-to-back meetings and an hour on Netflix, resulted in about 36% battery life to spare. On a brighter note, we did manage to locate the headphone jack — which we sorely miss in most of our devices. Not everyone owns AirPods, and even if they did, shoving a wire in is bound to save you more time than pairing a Bluetooth device. Tried and tested.

For more information, click here. The Macbook Air is now available on the Apple store.

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