Apple's new iPod touch comes with Apple Arcade, Group FaceTime, and upgraded graphics

Apple's new iPod touch comes with Apple Arcade, Group FaceTime, and upgraded graphics

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Text: Marielle Solano

How long has it been since you were able to play a mobile game without a banner notification appearing randomly at the top of your screen, whether it's a text from mom or a notification from the multitudes of apps your phone possesses? We've almost learnt to just live with those sudden interruptions, succumbing to the fact that our need to remain connected has translated into quite a  literal, inescapable reality. But we forget the days our tech needs were placated by the humble iPod, back when it still had a tiny screen and a wheel to scroll through meagre playlists of the hot 2000s. Eventually, the iPod touch models looked more and more like its better cousin (the iPhone), until Apple discontinued releases after the 6th generation in 2015 – until now.

If there's one thing the folks at Apple refuse to do, it is to have their consumers compromise. Gone are the days we sacrifice a win on Mobile Legends because we forgot to turn on 'Do Not Disturb'. The new 7th generation iPod touch of 2019 promises the best specs at a price that's shocking for its 256GB capacity. With its signature ultra-thin body and lightweight feel, this device promises to be most comfortable thing to have graced your pockets in a while. Plus, an internally-designed A10 Fusion chip has optimised Apple's newest creation to be able to pull off improved game performance, as well as two special features that have never before been seen on an iPod: an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience, and Group FaceTime.

Apple iPod touch 7th generation, Apple ARKit apps

From gaming to education and web browsing in general, Apple's ARKit experiences are bound to revolutionise the way we consume information in but a few years. The iPod touch is ahead of the times with its features of shared AR and persistent AR (managed with geotags), and in the spirit of progress and new technologies, why stay in the two-dimensional when the image detection function can breathe life into 3D objects like toys and sculptures? Then there's the Group FaceTime function – so you don't completely disconnect into a fictional world when you get a disturbance-free pass to immerse yourself in music and games.

Did we mention the large amounts of storage space the iPod touch now comes with? You can start filling that ample space up by downloading songs from over 50 million choices in Apple Music's catalog and access their thousands of pre-made playlists to match your every flicker of emotion. The tastemakers of the music scene have also gotten on board to showcase daily editorial selections for your specific perusal, and if you like randomness and being pleasantly surprised, Beats 1 Radio is at your steadfast service. There's just something so nostalgic about using an iPod touch to simply scroll through music and have an easy listen (except this iPod touch is upgraded like never before).

Apple iPod touch 7th generation, Apple Music, iTunes

Of course, we started off with a scenario on mobile gaming, so it's only right to also end with it. iOS holds the largest gaming platform in the world, and the new iPod touch has come just in time for the launch of Apple Arcade this coming fall – another privilege accorded to the loyal users of Apple's various products. A premier game subscription service, this platform offers over 100 completely original games exclusive to the site and guarantees zero annoyance from any pestering ads. If you're worried about bombing your data during your daily commute, download games from Apple Arcade and play it offline. This ensures you're armed with entertainment come sun or storm. Since the new iPod touch comes with graphics three times faster than its previous model, we're thinking we might as well try out these exclusive games on this power-packed yet affordable device, sans the distractions of a phone, right?

Apple iPod touch 7th generation, Apple Arcade gaming subscription service

The iPod touch is available to order on their website starting May 28 and in stores later this week. Prices go S$299 for the 32GB model, S$469 for the 128GB model and S$639 for the 256GB model.

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