Apple's new Airpods unveil longer talk times, faster connections and a new wireless charging case

Apple's new Airpods unveil longer talk times, faster connections and a new wireless charging case

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Text: Janice Sim

There's no denying the phenomenon of Apple's Airpods, which have achieved cult status since its debut. Its slick design and signature posh white appearance have taken over the majority of city folks who: A) Hate wires, B) Own an iPhone and C) Care about their auricle aesthetics. 


Now two years in, the world's most popular wireless headphones was definitely due for an upgrade. First impressions? Nothing seems different about its impeccable design. What really matters lies inside the slim device. This second generation reveals a new Apple-designed H1 chip, which delivers a better performance of longer talk times (we're talking an extra 50 percent) and faster connections. The latter feature might come as good news to the most of us; especially since weak and scratchy connectivity came up as one of main concerns for the old Airpods.

With this almighty chip, custom audio architecture is also implemented — resulting in an improved audio experience and improved synchronisation with your device whether it be your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. This includes activating Siri hands-free, by saying "Hey Siri" to change songs, make a call, adjust the volume or seek directions.


On top of that, a special wireless charging case has also been created for your new pods. Each case hold sufficient power for more than 24 hours of listening time, and also offer wiressless charging with Qi-compatible charging solutions. Its LED light indicator at the front of the case will tell you how much battery you have left inside the compact cube. Existing Airpods users will also be able to purchase this case separately as it is also paired to be compatible with Airpods 1.0.

Is the world ready for the status change of Airpods 2.0? We sure are gearing up for a timely step-up. 

The new Airpods will be available to order online soon and will be released in Apple stores later this spring. 

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