With Apple Pay, your Apple device doubles up as an e-wallet for up to 8 credit and debit cards

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With Apple Pay, your Apple device doubles up as an e-wallet for up to 8 credit and debit cards
It's now possible to go cashless and cardless in Singapore

Tech giant Apple seems to be quite the charmer. When they launched their Apple Pay e-wallet system last month, only American Express cardholders managed to get in on the action. It didn't take them long to convince four other major banks — DBS, OCBC, Standard Chartered and UOB — to participate in their cardless payment system.

Today, credit and debit users in Singapore have the option to utilise Apple Pay for their everyday transactions. The mechanics is quite simple. Simply register up to eight credit and debit cards on your iPhone or Apple Watch, swipe your device over contactless payment terminals, and consider your payment made — all without reaching for cold hard cash or rifling through your wallet to fish out your credit card. With over 30,000 retail points across the island that accept Apple Pay, you can very well leave your wallet at home. 

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What happens when you lose your phone? Can strangers then embark on a shopping spree at your expense? Well, not quite. Payments are only activated if you authenticate the transaction with a secure passcode or fingerprint on your iPhone. The iPhone's in-built 'Find My iPhone' function will also allow you to suspend any cards associated with the device. 

      1. On the privacy front, rest easy in the knowledge that all transactions you make via Apple Pay will remain anonymous while data trails will be restricted to merchants and banks. More importantly, actual card details are not stored on your devices or backed up on Apple servers. 
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      3. To register your debit and credit cards for Apple Pay, search for the 'Wallet' app on your devices. 

    Text: Denise Kok

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