Apple's latest emojis: What do they really mean?

Apple's latest emojis: What do they really mean?


Text: Janice Sim

In celebration of World Emoji Day, we break down what Apple's latest emojis really mean

In this day and age, an emoji speaks a thousands words. After all, plain text and punctuation marks can only get you as close to being a complete yawnfest online. Emoticons breathe life and meaning into our online social lives — how else would we be able to express ourselves otherwise, without the help of fluttering hearts and cheeky tongues? Plus, they act as the perfect buffer during awkward conversations with people you've never met. Unsure how to end the conversation? Simple. End the thread with a smiling face with rosy cheeks. Done. Bye.

So to commemorate World Emoji Day (which fell a few days ago on 17 July), Apple has unveiled brand new additions to their enormous bank of emoticons, set to be released later this year. And while every emoticon could be interpreted differently, here's what we make of the newcomers: 

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