Apple Jewel Changi Airport: A second store with photography excursions led by creative pros

Apple Jewel Changi Airport: A second store with photography excursions led by creative pros

A new jewel

Text: Janice Sim

When Apple unveiled its first Southeast Asia store at the pith of our city just two years ago, it became an attraction of its own. Even today, it is still populated with wide-eyed tourists and tech junkies with reckless abandon.

Venture East, and there's now a brand new outpost set to open this Saturday. Cleverly, it has chosen to settle in the literal crown jewel of Singapore — Jewel Changi Airport — in the prime spot that is right next to the HSBC Rain Vortex (i.e. where Jurassic Park and Avatar seemingly had a baby). Guess flora and fauna are definitely a pattern for Apple, with each store residing close to verdant trees.

Apple Jewel Changi Airport

Inside the two-storey space, everything is kept in strict Apple fashion. You'll find the latest products catalogued in a uniformed display. Have a question, and one of the 100 employees in this store will come to your aid. Like the first store at Orchard Road, the experience is very much hands-on — fueled by Today at Apple program. The legendary curved Castaina stone stairway (that was inspired by Apple's new campus in Cupertino) will take you upstairs to the Genius Lab, where sessions are held every week.

Apple Jewel Changi Airport

Catering specifically to innovative skill sets like video, photography, coding, apps, health, fitness and music where you can remix Madonna's latest single, the topics are on the pulse, and in good hands with maestros who know how to answer your burning questions.

Apple Jewel Changi Airport

Finally, a sweetener for Jewel customers. Photo walks have been exclusively created and cultivated in the Jewel Changi Airport — a strategic opportunity to maximise the many beautiful features of the edifice. Here's where you can take a short gander with a creative pro leading the way, accentuating tips and tricks you never knew about the iPhone camera as well as newfound angles within the mall itself. You'll be surprised to the number of different shots you can master just in front of the majestic rain vortex.

Apple Jewel Changi Airport will officially open on 13 July at 10am.
To find out more Today at Apple, click here.
78 Airport Boulevard
Opening hours: 10am-10pm

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