Apple iOS13, watchOS 6, iPadOS new features: The best updates including dark mode, period cycle tracking, account security, and more

Apple iOS13, watchOS 6, iPadOS new features: The best updates including dark mode, period cycle tracking, account security, and more

New phone, hu dis?

Text: Janice Sim

Another season, another OS. While the cycle might feel repetitive, and at times cumbersome when you just can't leave your iPhone alone for a few minutes, there's a reason to why we all do it. Our same devices are able to do more — exceedingly with new technologies and features planted in. Of course, some are cooler than others. So we've picked out our personal favourite feaures from Apple's upcoming Fall release, of iOS 13, watchOS 6, and iPadOS that's clearly worth the reboot.

iOS 13

Dark Mode
In Apple's defence, the dark side is deeply alluring, and not to mention sexy as a skin. Especially when it means it's better for our eyes, when we're usually under the covers squinting at our feeds. With this finally available, we're not quite sure if we'll ever come back into the light.

Apple iOS13

Tight security
Third-party apps are always trying to access our personal information like an email or social account. And while that might be an issue with potential security breaches, Apple wants to eradicate it by providing developers with a random ID, that's under the disguise of your Apple ID. Both accounts will be linked, where you'll still receive respective updates regarding the app, but everything regarding your real email or personal info that's stored under the account will not be accessible to the developers. Sneaky....

Memojis + Emojis
Not only will we have more enhancements (like piercings and new headwear) to make our memojis as imitable to real life possible, you can now incorporate your digital avatar in the form of emojis. Trivial feature, but super fun.

Apple memojis

watchOS 6

Period cycle tracking
Ladies, tracking your period just got easier from your wrist with Apple Watch's new Cycle Tracking app. Eschewing the need of a third-party app, log in details of your monthly cycle to see predicted times for your next period and fertile window. This app also mirrors in the Health app on your iPhone with iOS 13.

Apple Watch OS

Noise control
It's an inconspicuous subject, but hearing health matters. The Noise app on the new OS will observe sound levels in the environs you're in — whether you're in a restaurant or a concert. If the decibel level reaches 90 (which can begin to impact hearing after four hours a week), your watch will blast a notification, just as a warning.

Apple Watch

Splitting the bill
No need to mull at the receipt at the dinner table, tabulate your squad's damage from your watch's new Calculator app — it conveniently takes into account the tip and number of people per pax at your table.


A new mainstay
The new homescreen on the iPad houses a neater layout — splitting the screen between apps and an overview of what your day looks like.

Apple iPad OS

Word maven
As writers and editors, we're psyched about the many things we can now do with our fingers. With a gentle swipe, we're able to select text while using other easy gestures to cut, copy, paste and undo, without having to struggle with double taps or dragging our fingers clumsily. There's also a floating keyboard with an in-built feature with QuickPath. This is where your one-handed typing can come in handy.

Multitasking gestures
When did iPads assimilate the most essential parts of our trusty Macbooks without our knowledge? Besides, they overtook the important feature of tabs by allowing you to look over multiple apps at a glance with a simple slide function.

Apple iPad OS

Apple Pencil 2.0
Your Apple Pencil gets an upgrade as well. Writing with it feels a little more realistic with a renewed latency as slow as nine miliseconds. Almost like writing on paper. To take a screenshot, simply drag your pencil from either bottom corners of the screen. From there, you can easily mark up the document or image to send them out — in a single movement.

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