Your guide to the most important features of Apple's iOS 11

Your guide to the most important features of Apple's iOS 11


Text: Janice Sim

Image: Apple

The major transformation starts here...

In today's news of Apple domination, as we're still getting the hang of our spiffy iPhone 8 (or perhaps waiting out for the revolutionary iPhone X to be released), it's all about grasping Apple's all-new iOS 11. Compared to the previous iOS upgrades, this facelift has proven to take the cake and is well worth giving up a few GB of space for. From a brand new font to a smarter Apple Pay, the list of upgrades are extensive. "Just another iOS?" We sussed out the main game-changing features that will blow your mind.

The control centre (the panel you see when you swipe up from the bottom) wasn't previously the most exciting part of the phone but now, it shows up bigger and better. Not only can more functions be fitted on this board, but you can also customise the functions that are listed on this shortcut.  

Apple iOS11

Screenshots are now immediately available, right after you take it — appearing as a floating window in the lower-left corner of the sceen. They also come with a new function — Drag and Drop. You can either drag it to your Mail or Messages to share the news stat, or simply swipe it to the left, and saves automatically in your Photos. Wait a few seconds and it will readily disappear from the corner of the screen — after all, we're guessing you won't need any photographic evidence lingering around.

This smart feature works just like Airplane Mode. By turning the 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' on, you won't be notified as new messages roll in. This obliterates all temptations that could easily distract you from the wheel. What's cooler? You can also set it to auto-reply to let your overly attached boyfriend or girlfriend know you're busy driving.

Forget iBanking; pocket your dough straight through the Messages app. Send and receive money from your friends and family securely with the new and improved Apple Pay. When someone sends you cash, the money will be stored in your Apple Pay cash card via the Wallet app. Now while this isn't currently available in Singapore yet (but is definitely in the works), you'll be the first to know when it is. 

Apple iOS11

MAPS 2.0
No judgement here, but it is perfectly understandable to get lost in a mall as enormous as VivoCity or even in Changi Airport. The all-new Maps comprise of an indoor function so that you can navigate your way to that Louis Vuitton store in any foreign airport. Its Lane Guidance feature also informs you which lane is preferred based on your route.

We all love how the iPhone Portrait mode made photography more professional (sans a clunky DSLR on an outdoor escapade). Now with the iOS's new enhancements, you can capture gorgeous shots even in low light situations with a little support from the Flash and HDR department. When it comes to Live Photos, users can also make changes to how the short video is filmed. For example, putting it on Long Exposure simulates a trippy DSLR effect — perfect for shooting fireworks or running shots.

Apple iOS11

What will we possibly do without emojis adding sugar and spice to our everyday conversations? Brace yourself, as a new hoard of them are about to be released. You can now express yourself with an appetite for Chinese food or even a shushing face when your group chat starts to get too chatty.

Aplpe iOS11


Good news for the future of apps; developers can now design apps with a ingenious software kit that encompasses augmented reality. As for users like us, that means being able to plonk a 3D spiderman or random sheep in the middle of the office — which easily makes any day a more joyous affair.

The iOS11 is now available for download.
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