This clever AI gadget detects the perfect air conditioner settings for your body

This clever AI gadget detects the perfect air conditioner settings for your body


Text: Janice Sim

You'll never feel too cold or too warm with this device

You'd think we'd be happy with the invention of air conditioners in our humid country, but unfortunately that's not always the case. With the solution of air conditioners, comes a string of first world problems. Your room is usually too stuffy, too cold, or to put it bluntly — the temperature's never right for our precious bodies.

Introducing Ambi Climate, the world's first air conditioner accessory powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), made to detect and learn exactly what your body needs at home. The truth is, besides the temperature labelled on your air conditioner's remote control, many other factors affect your comfort levels, including humidity, impact of sunlight or the change in the weather outside.

Ambi Climate Air Conditioner

With the Ambi Climate smartphone app, all you need to do is indicate if you're hot, cold or comfortable and the device will cleverly study the impact of the above factors based on your personal comfort levels. So, if a sudden cold wave in Singapore was to ever occur again, Ambi Climate will be able to automatically adjust your air conditioner's temperature to suit you. Not only will your body be reaping in the benefits, this eliminates any overcooling or overheating of your air conditioner (which usually happens when your device is too warm or too cold), plus it also reduces 30 percent of its energy consumption. Bonus points for saving the environment.

Ambi Climate is currently compatible with 50 brands and 1,200 models. You can also easily control the temperature at home even when you're outside — for instance, cooling your house down on a 32°C afternoon while you're on the way home or setting the right temperature for your Siberian Husky.

Think of it as a chic accessory to elevate your decade-old air conditioner system and to meet your fluctuating expectations for the temperature levels at home. Also, you probably won't have to search for that damn remote control anymore. 

Now available at EpiCentre and nübox stores.