AeroBull HD: Who let the dogs out?

AeroBull HD: Who let the dogs out?

Music to our ears

Text: Denise Kok

Image: AeroBull HD

Speakers for the cool cat

Yes, you could opt for these gorgeous speakers from Bang & Olufsen, but if your design sensibilities run on the quirky end of the spectrum, these AeroBull HD speakers are set to be the next conversation starter in your living room. 

It might be shaped like a bulldog, but this doggie's got real bite. It's set up with two full-range drivers, a 60W subwoofer, and an amp that blasts out crystalline sounds. The 120-watt beast comes in chrome or is finished in white, red or matt black paint. You can choose to plug in your iPhone or iPod, or stream your music via Bluetooth technology. A line-in jack can be used to connect other audio sources to the mighty mutt. 

AeroBull HD

The kicker? The remote for the speaker is shaped like a bone.

Retails at selected Challenger, Surrender, and Best Denki outlets. For more information, visit Jerre.