6 photography tips for shooting a moving object

6 photography tips for shooting a moving object

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Here's how you can freeze a fast-moving object within a frame

The art of capturing moving subjects is one of the toughest photography skills to nail. It requires patience, quick reflexes, and a stroke of luck to land that magic moment. If you do find yourself in the right place and time to capture a galloping herd of horses cutting across the prairie or a lion chasing after its prey while on safari, these nifty photography tips will come in handy. 

Tips for shooting with a camera

1. Remember the rule of thirds, place your focal point or subject slightly off-centre in landscape or portrait where the eyes are naturally drawn to for perfectly framed shots.

2. To capture a moving object, set your camera on shutter priority mode and use the highest shutter speed available (1/500 to 1/250) to freeze your subject in time.

3. Using the continuous autofocus mode, anticipate the movement and follow the subject with your camera until the subject is perfectly framed before clicking. 

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Tips for shooting with a smartphone


    1. Panoramic shots will ensure you capture the entire view — regardless of how far the scene stretches. If your phone does not come with preset filters, try downloading a highly-rated and reviewed app (we recommend VSCO Cam or Snapseed) that will allow you to create stunning photos in seconds.

    2. Use the burst mode on your smartphone to capture every shot.

    3. To achieve a blurred background with your subject in focus, download a Slow Shutter app which allows you to use a slower shutter speed while panning your camera along the subject's direction.