5 rules to abide by when using a fitness app

5 rules to abide by when using a fitness app


Text: Janice Sim

For starters, the app isn’t going to do the physical work for you

Gone are the days when you need a personal trainer to tell you if you're making any progress on your weight loss plan. Today, an app on your phone can easily do that for you (benefits of living in the 21st Century, hurrah!). It's simple, accessible and one that won't rack up the extra costs. But with a wide selection of fitness apps catered to the masses, it begs the question, "How effective are apps in helping me achieve my fitness goals according to my personal form and stats?" Well, our twiddling thumbs and post-cardio weary bodies echo that same sentiment.

We checked in with Jeremy Rolleston, two-time Olympian and founder of Active8me — a fitness app specially created for Asians to kickstart their very own health transformation journey. Whether it be from home, outdoors or at the gym, you'll find customised workout plans and demonstrative videos by other Olympians and fitness experts. At a loss on what you're allowed to eat? This mobile platform has your diet plans worked out with nutritious Asian-centered recipes. It even includes a special category for diabetics.

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It goes without saying that the savvy app isn't a miracle worker by itself. Rolleston shares his tips on how we should use one to the best of our abilities — so bookmark this.  

1. Fitness apps don't burn calories

You only burn calories when you do a workout. At the end of the day, mobile apps are simply tools — the one who's doing the workout is ultimately the user. Many people think that the app is a substitute for working out, but they honestly can't burn calories and can only guide you into doing so. 

2. Listen to your body

As compared to a physical personal trainer who watches over your form so that you avoid injury and maximise the effectiveness of their recommended exercises, digital apps can't do the same. It's all on you — pay extra attention to your body and be more cautious when you execute the exercises recommended.

3. Self-motivation is a must

A fitness app can make things easier so you can work out anytime and anywhere but you need to be the one to get up and start moving. As a start, think about why you downloaded the app in the first place. Was it for a specific goal like shedding a few pounds or a six-pack? It is always important to motivate yourself because if you don't push yourself, the app certainly isn't going to.

4. Not all fitness apps are made equal

When most people think about fitness apps, they think of exercise – but health fitness is more than that. There are some apps that just track your steps, while there are others that provide you with workout plans and programmes. Active8me gives you a fully integrated programme which includes workouts, nutrition meal plans and mindset lessons. If you want to see a real change, you need an overall approach that is more than just exercise.

5. Enjoy the process

At the end of the day, the same rules apply: remember your goals, get organised, build a good social support circle, have fun and cultivate a lifestyle rather than a one-off programme. Fitness apps provide structure and tracking, programmes and expert advice but they will never replace all the other things that help you enjoy a well-rounded health and fitness transformation. 

Active8me is available for download on the Apple Store or on Google Play

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