When the game of pool meets football

When the game of pool meets football

Go ball-istic

Text: Tracy Phillips

What do you get when you combine snooker with soccer? The newest team game to hit Singapore

Use your weekend to bounce back from a hectic workweek with some zany fun that's good exercise too. Last year, it was a whacky group activity that had people wearing a big bubble ball to play soccer; but this year, while it's still a derivative of football, there's no sweat-inducing plastic suit. Phew.

Having just landed on our shores this month, the latest craze is named after the combination of two sports: pool and football. You guessed it, 'Poolball'.

Using a 7 x 4 metre playing field, Poolball is proportioned to be both the biggest pool table and the smallest soccer field, you'll ever play on in your life. Soccer balls masquerade as giant pool table balls and, like pool, the aim of the game is to get balls into pockets. But instead of using a cue stick, it's all about your foot dexterity.

Suitable for people of all ages, Poolball Singapore is currently available at futsal venues at Kovan Sports Centre, The Cage at Kallang and Zion Sports at Tiong Bahru. But if you have the space, the poolball team can come to you too.

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