#WFH jargons to roll with: What is Covididiot, Quarantini & Zooming?

#WFH jargons to roll with: What is Covididiot, Quarantini & Zooming?

Newfangled terms

Text: Jean Chua

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live and work, but has it ever occured to you it has also changed the way we talk? A few years ago, no one ever made a peep about Zoom or the coronavirus — since it didn't actually exist yet. But yet by March 2020, "coronavirus" was revealed to be one of the most frequently used nouns in the English Language. And today, WFH buzzwords have become quite literally, the new normal – when we're talking about the way we communicate. Chances are you might have already been using some in your own conversations, but here are the top  buzzwords discovered by Instant Offices, that have been specially cultivated in light of recent events. Perhaps your boss could use a quick lesson on these jargons...

A word to encapsulate your mood when you lose track of which day of the week it is because everyday's just the same when you're in lockdown. Hope this doesn't give anyone Circuit Breaker flashbacks.

This one's to hit our sore spot of not being able to go on any overseas vacations except a forced stay-at-home vacation due to COVID-19

#WFH jargons to roll with: What is Covididiot, Quarantini & Zooming? (фото 1)

Re all the people who irresponsibly flout safe distancing measures, disregard public health advice regarding COVID-19, or even worse — spread fake news.

It's hard to get through a global pandemic alone. That's why you need your quaranteam — people who are staying with you and who only interact with each other and nobody else. They're also the ones who keep you sane.

For everyone out there who couldn't get their boozy fix when bars and pubs had to close down, any cocktail you made at home is now referred to as a Quarantini.


You haven't really sat through a Zoom meeting if you don't hear "please unmute your mic so we can hear you when you speak" at least once.

Remote working
Not going to lie, it's one of the perks conceived from the pandemic. We know you prefer remote working (where you can work off-site) to working in the office.

#WFH jargons to roll with: What is Covididiot, Quarantini & Zooming? (фото 2)

Virtual happy hour
The happiest hour of the day, Virtual happy hour is an online group video call where you can socialise with your workmates or friends while safely isolating at home.

Waist-up fashion
Yup, we're all guilty of doing this during professional Zoom calls — only wearing dressy tops with pajama buttoms safely tucked out of sight. Whatever you do, just don't stand up.

A vacation, but the employee still works.

#WFH jargons to roll with: What is Covididiot, Quarantini & Zooming? (фото 3)

After the pandemic hit, Zoom video calls instantly became the go-to app for video calls and conferencing. So "zooming" just means you're using Zoom to communicate, essentially. A noun that we now use as a verb.

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