Three ways to jazz up your Halloween party

Three ways to jazz up your Halloween party

Down the rabbit hole

Text: Denise Kok

Image: Vanity and Victoria Cheng

We draw a few pointers from Victoria Cheng's whimsical party inspired by Alice In Wonderland

It all begins with a stairway carpeted with grass. Giant mushrooms and life-sized flowers greet you as you make your way down this rabbit hole. If first impressions are anything to go by, Victoria Cheng's Halloween party, thrown in collaboration with La Maison Cointreau, is a hard one to top. Instead of choosing to amp up the scare factor, Victoria's party is all about celebrating all things strange and whimsical. For her one-night only wonderland, the writer, producer, and #FriendofBuro drew inspiration from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, pulling together a stellar crew of friends and partners to help her stage a party that saw over 160 guests making merry at Vanity, the new cocktail bar at The South Beach.

Looking to jazz up your own Halloween party? Here are some pointers you can take away from Victoria's bash. 

1. Bottle up your cocktails

Victoria Cheng, Cointreau, Halloween party

Forget the vintage cocktail glasses or worse still — plastic cups. Take Ricky Paiva's lead and decant your tipple into bottles. Tie a handwritten note around it to add a personal touch. For Victoria's party, Ricky Paiva worked on bottling up 'Le Debut', a drink spiked with Cointreau Blood Orange liqueur, Bruichladdich single malt scotch whisky, and sweet vermouth. 

2. Set up a make-up booth

Victoria Cheng's Cointreau Halloween party

There's nothing more disappointing than partygoers who turn up for Halloween as... themselves. Victoria was certainly ready for that. She had a powder room manned by two make-up artists who worked on transforming bare faces into an Alice-In-Wonderland-appropriate do. For a home party, you don't necessarily have to stock up on a make-up kit. Grab some face paint and invite other guests to play make-up artist for the evening. 

3. Play with your food

Victoria Cheng's Cointreau Halloween party

Halloween's one of those times where playing with food is acceptable table manners. In keeping with the whimsical spirit of the party, Victoria served up sinful peanut butter jelly sandwiches from Park Bench Deli, ice cream cookie sandwiches from Ice Cream & Cookie Co., and these giant liu sha baos (steamed buns filled with salted egg yolk custard) from Lokkee masquerading as mushrooms. Everything is not what it seems. Wicked.