6 things you should know about the Singaporean woman

6 things you should know about the Singaporean woman


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Girl power is real

The Singaporean woman is a force to reckon with — but hey, we already knew that. She's well-educated, well-travelled, and not afraid to chart her own course in the world. UOB lady's card vivienne tam singapore women research
In tandem with the relaunch of the UOB Lady's Card, which now sees an update of the iconic rose motif by none other than fashion designer Vivienne Tam, the bank has released a report — dubbed the UOB Leading Ladies Report that looks into the increasing influence of women in Singapore as well as their consumption patterns. Below, some key findings from the report which underscores the Singaporean woman's rise in the economic sphere.

1. Women make up almost half of Singapore's resident workforce. Almost 80 per cent of Singaporean women between 24 and 55 years old are employed. 

2. In 2015, women contributed S$167 billion to Singapore's total GDP of S$402 billion.

3. Women now make up 15 per cent of Chief Executives in Singapore, the highest percentage in Asia and the third highest in the world.

4. Among those aged 25-29 years old with university qualifications, 56.5 per cent are women, compared with 43.6 per cent men 10. For the 30-39 age bracket, the proportion of women (24.1 per cent) with university degrees is nearly on par with men (26.1 per cent). 

5. Women have more of their own money to spend. Today, the average annual salary is $47,000, compared with $36,000 just five years ago.   

6. A quarter of women make more than S$120,000 per year while seven per cent earn more than S$240,000. 

UOB lady's card vivienne tam singapore women research

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