This Friday, Uber's bringing these paw-some puppies to your doorstep

This Friday, Uber's bringing these paw-some puppies to your doorstep

Puppies, puppies everywhere

Text: Denise Kok

Canine love on demand

Our furry friends didn't earn the accolade of Man's Best Friend for nothing. Unlike their feline counterparts, dogs have proven themselves to be loyal companions that can even be taught a trick or two. Having a bad week at work? Ride-hailing app Uber will give you good reason to holler "TGIF!".

Come 9 December, Uber will team up with Purina Pro Plan and local volunteer-run dog shelter SOSD to bring a handful of puppies straight to your doorstep between 1pm and 5pm. This #UberPUPPIES 'delivery' will give riders 15-minute windows to play with these furry cuddle buddies.

These cuddle sessions are not mere fleeting moments of fuzzy goodness. The puppies will be accompanied by volunteers from SOSD, who will take the opportunity to share about the plight of stray dogs in Singapore and why you should adopt (all Uber puppies are up for adoption), not buy, if you're looking to welcome a canine into your home. 

The best part? Cuddle hour is entirely free. Talk about bringing some Christmas cheer. Donations, however, are welcome. During the session, a shelter representative will be on hand with a donation box. 100% of donations go directly to SOSD to further support the puppies and dogs at the shelter.  

Available 9 December, 1pm to 5pm.