Share the joy of unlimited rides with these Uber gift cards

Share the joy of unlimited rides with these Uber gift cards

Gift of giving

Text: Janice Sim

Save yourself the frustration of last-minute gift shopping — Uber's new gift cards will do just the trick

What makes a good gift? Sure, presentation and novelty chock up a great deal of points, but what triumphs the ultimate test of time is the trusty element of practicality. After all, there's no use in splurging on a pair of thousand dollar shoes if the receiver doesn't fancy it. Let's face it, gift shopping can be exhausting and quite the challenge at times. Well, Uber has just the solution for you, with their recent roll-out of gift cards. Perfect timing? We think so, especially when all we ever seem to spend on these days are Uber rides.

So save your best friend, lover, or even grandmother a month's worth of transport by gifting the gift of free rides. While the minimum amount for a gift card starts at $25, you can easily raise up the value to $100 (if you're feeling generous). The best part is, there isn't an expiry date for the gift card to be used up.

Uber gift cards

How to start your Uber fairy quest? Simply tap "Send a Gift" in the main menu within your Uber app. Then, enter the desired amount and email or phone number linked to the receiver's Uber account. For those with an existing account, the gift card will automatically be added to their account. And even if your friend hasn't hopped on the Uber bandwagon just yet, this is the perfect motivation for them to start.

Feeling peckish? Gift cards can also be used for UberEats — so you don't just have to treat your loved ones to a free ride, but have the option of a sumptious free meal of their choice as well.

Friend/girlfriend/favourite child of the year? You're well on your way with these brilliant gift cards. 

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