TWG Tea unveils a new immersive digital store, with Singapore as their first stop

TWG Tea unveils a new immersive digital store, with Singapore as their first stop

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Text: Janice Sim

Buying TWG Tea online just got more interesting

Don't get us wrong, we love setting foot in TWG Tea's glorious boutiques. It's where one can indulge in a hearty brunch at their tea salon or simply have a wander admiring the immaculate display of their finest leaves.


But more so than ever, we thrive on going digital, which is why we were thrilled to hear that the luxury brand had rolled out a brand new global eCommerce website to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. Lucky for us, Singapore is the first destination to experience the first look, ahead of the rest of the world. We have the fact that TWG Tea is based in Singapore, and our tech-savvy population to thank for this.  


What could possibly be better than having exceptional teas at the tip of your fingers? The great minds behind TWG Tea took up the challenge and delivered, like they always do. The new site boasts a refurbished chic interface, equipped with a thoughtful suite of tools — such as a customised gifting guide, a service catered to sealing your tea tin decisions, as well as an interactive tea connoisseur service, which recommends the perfect tea for you based on a fun quiz. After all, with the massive selection that TWG Tea has to offer, we could use a little guidance. 

Apart from that, richer content is also listed, meant to educate consumers on the brand's extensive range of fine harvests, handcrafted blends, tea merchandise and edible treats.


The reboot was done with the customer in mind, aiming to complement and mirror the in-store experience. At the same time, the brand also introduces a new premium by-invite only membership, titled 'MyTWG'. Through this special program, privileged members are entitled to a trove of tea-related rewards as well as benefits. While it is uncertain how to achieve this gleaming status, we're pretty sure hitting the "Add to bag" button more often than usual is the way to get into their good books. 

Get started with TWG Tea today. 

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