Behold the champagne of teas

A golden brew

Behold the champagne of teas
Grown at altitudes of up to 7,000 feet above sea level, Darjeeling tea is considered to be one of the most precious black teas

Darjeeling tea has long been called the champagne of teas — and with good reason so. Hailing from the famed Darjeeling region of India, these treasured tea leaves form a delicate, golden brew that shines with a distinctive muscatel flavour. As with champagne, only tea leaves cultivated on the slopes of the Darjeeling region can bear their designation with pride.

TWG Tea's limited edition Darjeeling Nouveau tea

Before you begin to taste this refined brew, take a moment to picture the scene: Verdant tea plantations curve around a steep mountain ridge, while further afield, ancient Buddhist monasteries stand against clouds that cut through the cool air with languid ease. Such is spring at Darjeeling, and if you're not there to experience it yourself, do the next best thing and sip on TWG Tea's 2016 Darjeeling Nouveau tea. Comprising the finest spring tea leaves from the land, this tea reflects touches of candied fruits, an earthy aroma of hazelnut and green almonds, and to finish — a handsome note of freshly cut grass. Perfect when paired with a slice of sugee cake. 

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Text: Denise Kok

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