Tripadvisor launches #LoveYourLocalSG in lieu of COVID-19: Of promotions, delivery services, and donations

Tripadvisor launches #LoveYourLocalSG in lieu of COVID-19: Of promotions, delivery services, and donations

Giving back

Text: Natasha Khoury

Editor: Janice Sim

Time and time again, when a global catastrophe strikes, the hospitality industry — alongside many others — is bound to take a massive hit. Stay-home orders coupled with a sharp decline in tourist numbers means that businesses are struggling to keep afloat. However, in the midst of all this doom and gloom, many organisations have banded together to ease the all-too-common aftereffects on local businesses.

The outpour of heartwarming support for local businesses around the world has shown true graciousness in times of need. On our own shores, hashtags like #savefnbsg have also been rapidly spreading across many social mediums. The sentiment to support struggling F&B businesses is now echoed by the world's largest travel recommendation and booking site, Tripadvisor.

Their belief is that travel is not limited to journeys abroad, but rather able to be fulfilled through travelling in one's own neighborhood and supporting local businesses along the way. Hence, birthing the #LoveYourLocalSG campaign, which aims to encourage the support of local tourism and hospitality businesses. How will they do this? Through their very own channel — that has just gone live. Expect exciting content ranging from promotions, purchases and donations that assist in cushioning the losses most owners and vendors are grappling with.

Acting as a content hub for things #supportlocal, this platform will provide visitors with insider tips on the latest delivery and takeaway offers in Singapore. To keep your favourite restaurants alive, you can also find gift cards for presents or for your own, and spend them feverishly once this is all over. Unsure of what to order for date night (at home)? You'll find plenty of ideas with their shortlist of takeaway menus from Singapore's best restaurants. You can also check out Deal Highlights, ranging from 1-for-1 offers to 50% off meals. And of course  the channel also lists several donation organisations where you can pay it forward.

Our favourite feature? Probably the spotlight on tastemakers and entrepreneurs, you can get to know about the artisan behind the business, along with the more highlights of the product or restaurant. After all, we do love a good backstory.

While it isn't the rosiest of times, #LoveYourLocalSG is where hope and unity resides — to lend a helping hand to local businesses in our current cilmate. And maybe, just maybe, when this blows over, you might gain a new favourite restaurant and a handy gift card to splurge on.

Check out Tripadvisor's #LoveYourLocalSG and share your support of local businesses using the #LoveYourLocalSG hashtag.

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