The Balvenie celebrates art, craftsmen and whisky in its hippest pop-up yet

The Balvenie celebrates art, craftsmen and whisky in its hippest pop-up yet

Potter's hand

Text: Janice Sim

This September, you're invited to The Balvenie House of Craft — where artisans of varying niches come together

Behind every craft, lies an intriguing story waiting to be told. Whether it be its origin, tapestry or final product, there never fails to be one that's unique to the creator. That's the beauty of an artisan — the desire for authenticity, despite the laborious hours, sleepless nights and intermittent complications. 

And here to celebrate like-minded craftsmen on our shores is The General Company, a collective that forges new grounds for creatives in pursuit of traditional trades (such as leather crafting and woodworking etc), along with The Balvenie, a distillery representing rare crafts of their own that still remain to be handcrafted, despite today's modern machinery. Together, they are opening their doors to an exciting pop-up called The Balvenie House of Craft. This is where the creative juices are congregating this month. 


Housed in a grungy industrial block at King Georges's Avenue for four weekends (every Thursday to Sunday) this September, this is an assembly of all sorts. Comprising art showcases, hands-on workshops, supper club dinners, indie film screenings, and community talks, the goal is to inspire and intrigue the masses.  

Expect to get up close and personal with craftsmen like marquage painter Cherin Sim, embroidery artist Teresa Lim, and hand-lettering artist Ewe Jin Tee. This is where you can pick their brains while also giving a whirl at your own handiwork.


"At The Balvenie, we pride ourselves on craftsmanship and the traditional ways of making whisky. At the distillery, we still produce whisky in the same way for 126 years. At every stage of the process, we have dedicated and skilled people working to ensure the consistent quality of our spirit because we believe that passionate people make all difference in our whisky," says Neil Strachan, brand ambassador of The Balvenie in Southeast Asia. 


The spread here — known as supper club dinners — also taps on inventive local chefs like chef Petrina Loh from fusion restaurant Morsels, chef Shen Tan of Ownself Make, chef Terence Chuah of South Union Park and chef Charles Tan of STRAY and cult-favourite ice-cream shack FatCat. Seats for the respective chef dinners are now available to book on the site

If you're in need of a little liquid courage before your next insightful encounter, simply head over to the open bar — featuring delicious cocktails replete with The Balvenie elixir and fashioned by top bartenders like Gabriel Martin Scoto Carlos from Manhattan Bar and Peter Chua from Junior. Complimentary whisky tastings? Ready as they come. Now this is some party we're definitely rocking up to this weekend, and probably the next. 

The Balvenie House of Craft Open House pop-up is free and open to the public. Members of the public are required to register their interest online. The workshops and supper club dinners are paid ticketed events, which the public can sign up for on the official website.
Opening hours: (Thursday and Friday) 7pm to 11pm, (Saturday) 12pm to 11pm, (Sunday) 12pm to 5pm.