A.muse Projects: Tea capsules are your kitchen's next big thing

A.muse Projects: Tea capsules are your kitchen's next big thing

Capsule fever

Text: Janice Sim

Eco-friendly and compatible with Nespresso machines — what's not to love?

Here's the thing: you either love capsule beverages, or you don't. If you belong in the former category, here's some good news — tea capsules are finally catching on. Stamping its seal of approval on the compostable medium is none other than local artisanal tea brand, A.muse Projects

Straying from the conventional method of tea brewing, these Tea Pods have been carefully crafted in the production process in order to preserve the same and natural essence of the brand's loose leaf teas. That means doing away with meticulous steps of handling tea leaves, steeping time, as well as temperature control. All you need to do is pop a capsule in, press a button, and the aromatic concoction is yours to serve. Perfect for afternoon soirées or when you're scurrying out of the house on rushed mornings. 

Tea capsules pod

Current flavours include Earl Grey and Peach Green, while a third one, Chamomile Lavender is currently in the works. We're just glad our Nespresso machines now get to come in handy for our sporadic tea cravings. 

Tea Pods are now available for pre-order. Click here to get started. 

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