#SundayFunday: Highlights from the week

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#SundayFunday: Highlights from the week
What we loved this week: Cosying up to host Yvette King for her skincare and makeup must-haves, building an earth-friendly wardrobe, and learning how to deal with anxiety

1. Eco warriors

Get clued in on brands high on the earth-friendly factor and start revolutionising your wardrobe in part five of our sustainability series.

2. #JourneyToRadiance

In a special tell-all, host extraordinaire Yvette King divulges her skincare secrets and obsessions.

3. Feng shui 101

Our beginner's guide to this time-honoured Chinese custom will right the flow of your chi faster than you can say 'good luck'.

4. Anxiety busters

Learn the coping mechanisms to help you overcome the nerves when the fast-paced, high-stress of society gets to you.

5. Diamonds are forever

For a flawless solitaire that's 130 years old and has the ultimate claim to fame, only Tiffany & Co. will do.



Smell like a million dollars with artfully blended scents from Code Deco and say goodbye to bedhead with Kevin Murphy haircare products. A curated selection of novels by local authors from Books Actually are also on display if you're looking to pick up a good read.

Indulge in Crunchie Brownie's sinful chocolate treats and complement it with our Buro tea blend by homegrown tea company Ette Tea. The ever popular reminder bands from The Mindful Company are back in stock, as well as notebooks from The Paper Bunny, a colourful stash of Polaroid Cube cameras, and Peranakan-inspired handmade lacquer boxes from Kala Pata.

Shine some light into your life with the Edison dome lamp from Taylor B, and be sure to check out Buro exclusives such as Mmerci Encore's geometric essentials oil burner and savour The Pint Society's monthly surprise ice cream flavour when you pop by.


Text: Angelyn Kwek

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