#SundayFunday: Highlights of the week

#SundayFunday: Highlights of the week

Your weekend digest

Text: Rina Sariff

What we loved this week: Michael Kors' Singapore-inspired collectibles, getting to know the Vamps, and Tom Ford's luxe collection for your face

1. If you haven't heard, Michael Kors has released an adorable limited-edition accessories collection as a tribute to our homegrown favourites.

2. Tom Ford takes makeup to a whole new level with their luxurious face collection.

3. Get personal with the Vamps as they share with us their favourite curse word.

4. Up for a thrill? Do like television personality Sarah Lian and try hanging from a suspended hoop.
5. Vintage is always valued in the world of jewellery, especially when it's a Chanel. Discover different ways you can layer your precious ornaments with Keira Knightley.