#SundayFunday: Highlights of the week

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#SundayFunday: Highlights of the week
What we loved this week: Discovering Yvette King's life story, getting to know the woman that’s Caitlyn Jenner, and learning how to literally make space for joy

1. Chasing dreams
Embark on the first of our fashion video series with Chanel and Yvette King as the host extraordinaire shares her tale of personal success.

SundayFunday 27 March

2. Back to the '90s
Go on a beauty throwback to the '90s with iconic names that set the scene and created trends we're still embracing today.

SundayFunday 27 March

3. Call me Caitlyn
We go deep in an exclusive interview with Caitlyn Jenner on life, love, and the LGBT community she's championing with her new television series.

SundayFunday 30 Mar

4. Less is more
Too much stuff taking up room in your life? Discover how de-cluttering will give you peace of mind in part one of our joy series.

SundayFunday 27 March

5. Crush on this
Have a tête-à-tête of a quilted nature with the new jewellery additions in Chanel's Coco Crush collection.

SundayFunday 27 March

Bid a fond farewell as we close down our pop-up next week after a successful six month run at Scotts Square. We may be retiring our physical presence, but we're now embarking on a new adventure in Nepal with #BuroGivesBack. So join us and get involved in our first philanthropic initiative as we aid CYF and the underprivileged children in their care.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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