Subscription-based services to love

Subscription-based services to love

Week of discovery

Text: Buro. Singapore

This weekend, The Co. plays host to over 13 startups, each with a story to tell

Does anyone remember the days before Spotify or Netflix? Along with Youtube and iTunes, these subscription-based apps have changed the way we unwind during our downtime. Gone are the days where you ditched all plans to rush home for the latest episode of Breaking Bad. In fact, with Netflix's on-demand streaming services, binge-watching entire seasons over one weekend has become the norm.

Rushing to Tower Records or HMV to grab the latest album from your favourite band has also become a thing of the past. With Spotify and iTunes, tuning into the latest hits is as simple as hitting play on your mobile device. For these subscription-based apps with a loyal and growing consumer base, getting consumers to part with $10 in exchange for a month's worth of entertainment is easy. After all, the buy-in costs less than an acai bowl at the latest tree-hugging, Gaia-loving cafe in town. 

Closer to home, subscription-based businesses in Singapore continue to gain traction in the startup arena. Guavapass, the fitness app which gives subscribers access to multiple studios and fitness classes in Singapore, has grown from its homebase in Singapore to cover 10 countries in Asia and the Middle East. Given that the brand was founded in March 2015, its growth trajectory is quite remarkable. 

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With new businesses taking flight across the startup landscape each day, the marketplace is increasingly saturated, and few startups muster the resources to invest in impactful marketing or promotional efforts. Every little opportunity to increase exposure of the brand helps. Here's where an event jointly presented by Startup Asia Women and co-working space The Co. comes into play. Taking place from 7 to 8 April 2017, the event held at The Co. pulls together over 13 subscription-based startups to give consumers a chance to interact with the founders and discover their offerings. Expect to swirl and sip with Benjamin Tan of Whisky Butler, an online whisky tasting club, and learn a thing or two about premium cuts from The Meat Club, an online meat supplier that delivers top-shelf Australian beef and lamb to your doorstep.

Beloved indie bookstore BooksActually will also add to the good cheer. It's no secret that co-founder Kenny Leck embraces all things analog, choosing to place the brick-and-mortar bookstore at the forefront of what they do. But he hasn't shyed away from rolling out his own subscription service which delivers a 'BooksActually Box'—  arguably a magpie's treasure trove of handpicked books and literary knick-knacks— to book-lovers each month. 

7 April (5-9pm) and 8 April (12pm-8pm). The Co. on 99 Duxton Road. For more details, visit Startup Asia Women