Starbucks' first store in Italy is big, beautiful and definitely bold

Starbucks' first store in Italy is big, beautiful and definitely bold

Brave new world

Text: Janice Sim

Starbucks finally lands on sacred territory, with its first cafe and roastery in Milan

This is not a drill. Seattle coffee giant, Starbucks have just unveiled their first ever store in Italy. As with every life's 'firsts', the opening is every bit as grand and spectacular as one would imagine it to be. Touted to be its most beautiful outpost to date, Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milan resides in what used to be a post office in Piazza Corusio — a historically-aged façade embellished with polished marbled counters, a cocktail bar and a behemoth coffee roastery.

Starbucks Reserve Milan

And while this might come as good news to the jetlagged style pack ahead of Milan Fashion Week — or rather a debut that's severely overdued — we have to consider this is after all, the birthplace of the espresso. Fairly sacred ground for traditional locals who stand by the good, robust Italian roast.

Starbucks Reserve Milan

So not everyone's a fan (just yet), but that doesn't mean Starbucks' maiden cafe (spanning 25,000 square feet) in Italy isn't an attraction of its own. Standing as an impressive coffee institute of sorts, every turn here takes you to an interactive activation or astounding machinery — i.e. their Milanese bronze unfolding cask and state-of-the-art Scolari coffee roaster. This outlet will also bring in their first-ever affogato station, where you can enjoy made-to-order scoops of ice cream.

As far as their motives lie, they're pretty innocent. Less of an education on the golden elixir, but more of a luxurious alternative to various brewing techniques and a haute pitstop where you can linger and socialise over a cuppa. The chambered store will feature small-batch roastings of rare coffees from 30 countries as well as fresh bakes from local bakery, Rocco Princi.

The jury might still be out on this grande opening, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day. We're keeping our minds open for this colossal beaut.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milan is located at the Palazzo della Poste. For more information, click here.